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METAL Minis we would like to see


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Slingers. The only slingers you have are halflings we could really use some human ones. I actually just bought a bunch of mini's and was going to buy a slinger for one of my players who likes playing them and found a major lack of them. Signed up on the forums just to post this.

Any way thanks for your time.

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I would also like more manticores done oldschool, like so:











The whole manticore/satyral/lampago family


More monsters done to more closely resemble their goofy-creepy original medieval art instead of modern badass fantasy art would be great.

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Halfling/Gnomes in full armor1

More heroic versions of 'villanous' races (goblins, kobolds, gnolls, Ogres etc.)2

Young spellcasters/wizards/sorcerers

More, less battle ready priests and other clergy

Spellsword types3

Fantasy mini's with primitive firearms (muskets, matchlocks, flintlocks)


As some others have said, this is mostly about having Little People that are something other than rogues, rangers, or other sneaky types. 

More and more lately I am seeing options for people to play the stereotypical 'evil' races as PC's. It'd be nice to have more varied options for them. 

3 They don't necessarily have to be using swords...

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So "young wizards" were mentioned. There are a couple good young male wizards like Ambrose available. It would be great for more options. But it would be really great to have some female young wizards as well. Dressed similar to the males. With functional looking clothes.


Also more light and fast "swashbuckling" type minis. Armed with rapiers and bucklers or off hand daggers. Light armor like leather or armored coats or breast plates. Both male and female. Minis to represent dexterous fighters, swashbucklers, bards and rogues with a martial bent.


Also more "teen" characters. Adventurers at the start of their careers. Not children, but younger/slighter, less well equipped minis representing standard classes like warrior, rogue, priest, wizard, barbarian, paladin. Maybe with an older version to represent the same character but more experienced.


And more minis with black powder weapons. Muskets in particular.


On 10/23/2017 at 2:43 PM, Sophie was taken said:

Werewolf Sophie.


on a related note, more and varied lycanthropes.

 Would like this suggestion 2x...

Werewolves in human, wolf and hybrid form. Male and female. Something that unites all 3 forms.... Like a braid or an eye patch. Something that visibly connects the minis so you can tell they are the same character.


Would also like to vampires in the style of underworld. Leather body suits, sword, maybe a long coat. Like Selene and the other death dealers... a fantasy version could be the same basic outfit but with melee only weapons or a flintlock pistol or crossbow pistol.

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Halflings. There is a conspicuous lack of variety in halfling miniatures. A few more wearing chain or heavier armor would be nice. Also just more in general. I'd like to see one with a staff sling, and maybe a spear or polearm. Halfling clerics or druids would be a welcome addition. 

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