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METAL Minis we would like to see

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One or more bald women African warrior amazons, of the kick-posterior variety found in “Black Panther”.

Ambush drakes, or at least large, angry, wingless, non-dinosaur, slightly dragonish lizards that I can use as ambush drakes More and varied bandits Dragons that are sculpted to look like

Building on what Pingo suggested,  African technomage young woman with glorious coils of hair (aka Not-Shuri). 

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-The same heros both mounted and on foot.  All classes.

-Expanding the lines of both bugbears and hobgoblins.

-More heros wielding two handed mauls or flails.  Especially half Orcs.

-Young wizards/mages. 

-More mimics (doors, furniture, chairs, beds, etc)



-Classic Orcs.  Oink-oink, wink-wink, nudge-nudge :)  

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(1) ReaperCon Wolfman

(2) Phantom of the Opera

(3) Creature from the Black Lagoon

(4) Hunchback of Notre Dame

(5) The Invisible Man


With the October update the classic Universal monsters from the Lon Chaney / Bella Lugosi / Boris Karloff era are there: Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and The Mummy.


Conspicuously missing of the big four (Wolfman, Dracula, Mummy, Frankenstein) is the Wolfman.


2-5 above would be cool, but making the Wolfman available would be really nice.

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Pulling minis for an encounter tomorrow, I am finding only one easy option for kobolds with crossbows. I’m finding tons of kobolds with bows. 


I couldnt find any reaper kobolds with a crossbow, and so far the only one I have found was a badly painted D&D prepaint from the very old Dragoneye set. 


So so I would love to have a kobold (especially in Bones) with a crossbow.

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-A Red Dragon with a Githyanki Lich Queen Rider and Queen standalone figure ready for battle.

-A Dragonlich with a Lich Rider and Standalone Lich figure ready for battle.


I know HUGE asks...but get Julie working on these and I am willing to bet she could freaking make something AMAZING!!!

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