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METAL Minis we would like to see


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5 minutes ago, plaul said:

-Giants Ants and a Giant Ant Queen.  

-Formians with warriors and Queen

I'd love to see a NOT THEM! set:) The sheriff,FBI guy, the two doctors medford, and a set of ants:) Ohh, maybe even the actors in the chem suits and some terrain to re-enact the scene where they kill the ant lair:)  I love that movie!

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18 hours ago, Balgin Stondraeg said:


Aye but remember that it is a spear that can only be thrown with the foot and only when the thrower is lying down in a prone position.


Yes, exactly. How do you make THAT look cool?

I've been having fun with the Adventurer Kids minis. I'd like to see more of them... particularly a Pirate Kid, and an armed Princess. Armed with WHAT, I'm not sure. Wand? Axe? Interchangeable, even?

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Princess with a pointy hat and a battle axe please!



ETA: one neat thing I've noticed about those adventuring kids: most of them aren't gendered. The one with long braids and a battle axe is the only one with obvious gender markers, and that's only because we consider those braids to be girlish. I really like that about them. I also like that they mostly have short hair, which I can make longer if I want to.

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Specifically, a male and female set that is generic enough to be more than one type.

Example: cat-folk with a sprue of 3-4 separate heads: lion, tiger, panther, lynx

Same idea with dog-folk. German Shepard would be a good head choice; it could be one of several different breeds depending on paint job. 

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Hats.  I would like some sprues full of hats in various styles:

  1. beret
  2. boater
  3. top hat
  4. bonnet
  5. pointy cone (suitable for dunces, princesses, wizards and witches!)
  6. asian style thatched cone
  7. ascot
  8. capotain (i.e. pilgrim hat)
  9. coonskin
  10. deerstalker
  11. pith helmet
  12. turban
  13. sombrero
  14. phrygian (smurf-style cap)

You can add a lot of personality to a mini -- and signal something about its culture -- just by putting a hat on it.


Would they sell?  I have no idea.  But I'd buy at least one, probably more.



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A wandering samurai, unarmored with his weapons sheathed. With long tied hair.
He would have the two traditional samurai swords (katana and wakisashi)on his belt, and maybe several others we could chose from: naginata (polearm), bow & quiver, maybe a kusarigama (chain scythe).

Eventually with a pointy bamboo hat.

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