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METAL Minis we would like to see


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1 hour ago, GHarris said:



So like a Drider...except a crab instead of a spider? Now I am interested, I need to see what this thing will look like!


Like a crab or one with a Lobster tail/body.

Preferably both male and female.


I also would like to see more giant insects and such.

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Realistically-equipped, historically-inspired humans. Ideally from the early Medieval period (10th - 13th century; seems to be neglected in favor of later Medieval or eclectic anachronism). Lots of them:


- Player characters/important NPC's

- Bandits/thugs

- Militiamen, professional men-at-arms & noble warriors

- Priests, mystics, weirdos

- "Average people"




Emphasis on Catholic Europe, but possibly also Islamic, Nordic, Eastern Christian, and Western Steppe cultures. They don't need to be actual historic figures, but should be pretty close. Preferably "simpler" in design than most currently produced figures- meaning not covered in gratuitous belts, doodads, pouches, sashes, etc. Figures are too often over-designed. More dudes wielding spears would also be nice (most common weapon in pretty much all ye olde times and places).


Besides actual historical ranges, Tre Manor's Red-Box range of figures (amazing sculpts, btw) are a good example of what I'm asking for. Unfortunately, both historicals and Red-Box are too small to be compatible with "heroic scale" figures. 


Also, available in METAL, please.


Thanks for asking ::):



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Sprues of lupine and feline heads.  Conversions are relatively easy but creating new faces from scratch is really tough.  It used to be possible to cherry pick the loose heads from a few miniatures in the Boneyard but now that it's closed the only option is sacrificing another mini.  You can put a wolf head on a barbarian, but putting the leftover barbarian head on the wolf corpse just doesn't work.  So, a variety of wolf/cat heads please.

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I would like minis of people, including different races of humanoids, running away in terror.


For reference of an example of what I'm meaning, GW included a fleeing townsfolk mini in their plastic Giants box.


Fleeing minis are great for dioramas or addons for large bases.

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3 stage character, but not in levels of armor...


For example a Fighter in fighting stance, A Fighter running for his life in terror, A Fighter Casualty.


@Darsc Zacal I think just a fleeing mini or a casualty might not sell well on it's own.

I think there are just a few out there at the moment.

Maybe by putting them in a pack like this it could be interesting enough for people to buy.



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On ‎28‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 12:59 PM, Rob Dean said:

I don’t recall if I have asked for this previously, but I’d like to see a necromancer from Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom books, paricularly identifiable by their bandolier of nine bells.

And a Disreputable Dog.

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