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Another Ogre Gangster

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Presenting another Ogre Gangster from the game Wolsung by Micro Art Studio.


Casting wasn't too good on this one, he's got pits, cracks and rough patches all over him, but I still think I did a decent job.

He's also my final Ogre Gangster (I've still got a few Halfling Gangsters to paint though), so here's a group-shot:-




As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly appreciated.

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He played the fiddle in an Irish band and then fell in love with ... Yeah. Like that.


I really like it when some kind of story pops into my mind once I see a figure - so here we are again.


As with Mr. Max Headroom, I figure the paintjob to be outstanding, the casting though is a different story. They've got some weird poses ...

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Thanks for the comments and likes everybody!


Yeah, I'm not too sure what's going on with his pose either. Most of him seems to be pulling off some sort of weird lunging punch, but his left arm is so out of sync I'd say I'd attached the wrong one, if I didn't know better.

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A charging Punch to the Kidneys then an uppercut smashing the victim's now open jaw closed cutting off his tongue while shattering most of his teeth in the process with the explosive force only a Cyborg Giant can produce! A one-Two combo Knockout! FATALITY!


Okay. that was a thing that happened:P



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