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The Seers and a Wizard Present a Random Rainbow Dragon Challenge!

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Mostly it's because we got a random set of paints, which comes with specific properties. 

(And some of those properties may make it easier or more difficult to paint, but that's all within the scope of the challenge)

If one could replace a paint with a similar paint with different properties it can be tempting for some to claim that they don't have the correct paint and swap in their preferred paint instead.


I'd love to use Dragon White instead of Pure white for instance, since it's a Bones colour and has much better coverage.

But that would in my opinion be cheating.   (Also, I have Pure White, so it would have been a lie also. That ain't happening.)


It may also be tempting to use an Iron Oxide based paint instead of a similar colour without Iron Oxide.  


Of course, the rules doesn't specify which primer is to be used. 

(So if one needs to paint the dragon with a Red base, it's quite possible to use a Red primer first. Vallejo have a few different colours... I have them all, I believe) 


Still, this is my opinion of the challenge, and may or may not be what the creators thought. Probably not, though...


Also, Dragons loves being airbrushed. The air moving rapidly past them give them a feeling of flying.

So, to make them more cooperative, give them a few blasts from the front, without paint before applying primer or basecoat. 

A wet blast to the nether area as the first thing, though... may earn you a sulking dragon, or a fireball when you least expect it.



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Top Posters In This Topic

Slight delay in the start of my challenge as I thought I had all of the paints but I only have Marine Teal. I've been meaning to make my October order just never have pulled the trigger due to I'm making sure I actually need everything in the order now vs pre-RCon'17 order which I didn't care.


I was gonna place it yesterday but found a couple of paints (ghoul & vampire skins) I already had so now I'm like 7 bucks less then the 40 required...AGHHH!! This is the main reason why it hasn't been sent!! I keep dropping below that magic number!! :lol: 


Once I get the paints (knowing Reaper, probably this Friday, if I place today), I'll get a WiP post up.

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1 hour ago, Gadgetman! said:

Still, this is my opinion of the challenge, and may or may not be what the creators thought. Probably not, though...


Ah I get it. Well, I don't have the listed whites and blacks either. I thought the intent was "paint with limited, random colors!" and the specific paints were more an on-the-fly selection of interesting colors, not an specific scientific decision, if you get what I mean. I am further ratified on this by the reply to my question "can I use other paints?". 


I would be interesting to know, either case.


1 hour ago, Gadgetman! said:

Also, Dragons loves being airbrushed. The air moving rapidly past them give them a feeling of flying.

So, to make them more cooperative, give them a few blasts from the front, without paint before applying primer or basecoat. 

A wet blast to the nether area as the first thing, though... may earn you a sulking dragon, or a fireball when you least expect it.


This made my day :lol::lol:

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We're loose on the "rules". I didn't select the colors considering things like coverage. I picked them for color effect. Feel free to pick similar if you don't have an exact match. You are welcome to be a rules stickler. You are also welcome to try to work with a generically limited palette. The goal is to make the dragon artistically out of those colors. It is an *additional* challenge to limit yourself to 3 rolled + B&W. I am not doing that; I shaded my heather blue with worn navy instead of heather + black. My orange has poor coverage, so I will probably mix it with white to thicken it. Then I'll overlay some orange. 


The main goal is fun and the process of creating art pieces with color limitations. 

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Apologies for the double post, but I am curious about one thing:


With the ability to use a "white or black for shading" in addition to your rolled colours...  Does this mean I can use a different black than the Pure Black i rolled to add in shading, effects, and whatnot?

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If you want the 3 star bonus challenge, stick to pure white and black for mixing purposes (or equivalents). General rainbow dragon challenge? Shade with whatever you want, as long as the rolled colors are clearly the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors (like a red dragon shaded with blue is still a red dragon, not a purple or blue dragon). 

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6 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:

Is this still active for new joiners?  I was so busy last year I could barely keep track.  but I could use something like this to keep me doing something other than facing work issues.




Absolutely! Roll some d20s and get in there!

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      I love doing WIPs. And I've got a lot projects I should finish 😊. And since there is still no progress with Barros and Tempest (this time because I'm still waiting for a new base to be shipped), why not start something new?
      I've yet to paint my first dragon, so I'll use this opportunity to do it. I confess, I'm cheating a bit here, since I'm going to paint the white dragon by Dark Sword Minis - that's a very small dragon. But still, he's got wings and teeth and claws and scales, so definitely a dragon, yessir!
      I absolutely love this mini. I bought it many years ago, but the horns went missing. Fortunately, when I ordered some more minis from Dark Sword a while ago, I was able to order some spare horns, so now I'm good to go.
      Here he is, assembled and prepped:

      Now I have to decide on a paint scheme, which I can't bring myself to do. There are three ideas I have at the moment:
      paint him up as an ice dragon. I'm thinking white with pinkish/greenish undertones and a base made with transparent crackle paint. There was a very cool version of an Ice Dragon a while ago on this forum, but I can't seem to find it any more.  paint him up as a star dragon using the technique I learned at RVE in Kevin Holderny's class. I used it on a coat so far, maybe it looks very cool on the dragon's wings. paint him up as a real world snake. Now there are so many possibilities...  
      Decisions, decisions...

      Some more work on the base.
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      Well, it's been a while since my last WIP project so here's what happens when you browse the Reaper Discord late at night and think "Hey! That's a FANTASTIC idea!". The Discord is home to the Reaper Challenge League and it has many, many categories. My favorite is the seasonal/holiday one. Simply put, you pick a holiday or event(ie.Christmas/St Patrick's day/The Coopers Hill Cheese Race etc) and paint a mini to match the theme.
      As many of you are aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the signature colour for that is pink. A few people were talking about doing pink minis for the challenge and I figured that I've already done a multicolored dragon, so how hard can it be?
      This, my friends, is what this work in progress thread is about to attempt. Abandon all sanity and colour sense, all ye who continue to read here, because things are about to get fabulous!
      First of all, the choice of dragon needed to be considered. Too small and you don't get the impact, too large and you're painting the beast all year. I needed a nice, mid sized dragon and I happened to have a spare of this bad boy. 

      I've always loved Narthrax. His angry face, the unusual tilted pose and the awesome scale placement are just fantastic. He's truly one of my favorite dragons and I've been looking for an excuse to paint him something different from the standard chromatic or metallic dragons for quite a while now. Most of the my painting is for tabletop gaming purposes so it's nice to shift gear once in a while. 
      So first things first, I gave him a nice soapy bath to prepare him for painting. Sorry, no photos of that- a dragon has to retain some dignity! Here's the 'after' shot!

      I glued on the leg and tail and left the head and wings separate, mostly for ease of painting. Then I gave home a good, slightly thinned coat of Blue Liner 9066. This provides a nice, even base coat and helps prevent the paint rubbing off further down the road.

      And thus the madness begins! This is where I started giving every single scale a layer of Rich Indigo, making sure that there's still a good amount of the dark liner in the shadows. 

      At this point I realized that a test area was probably a good idea, so I started playing around with highlight colours, finally deciding on Witchcraft Purple 07977 and, appropriately enough, BCA Pink which Reaper are kind enough to put into online orders in October. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how bright to go but at least it doesn't look entirely hideous! Admittedly, your milage may vary on this one. Heck, I might hate pink by the end of this endeavor, you never know.

      Lots of blocking in the purple and pink, with an attempt on the belly scales. Not entirely sure about that, might need to see how bright the upper scales go.

      More blocking in of the scales and a bit of work on the wings, using Rich Indigo and Desna Blue.


      Then the Witchcraft Purple starts getting layered on in earnest. This is the point where I start to second guess myself. He's starting to look like a particularly dangerous fuschia....

      That's pretty much where the mini is now, hopefully I haven't bored you all too much or damaged your retinas. I'm hoping to get some more work done tomorrow so I'll keep posting as often as I can. I think that this is one of those projects that needs attention little and often.
      Thanks for looking everybody!
    • By TaleSpinner
      For the ReaperCon MSP Open this year, I painted the master copy of the White Drake I sculpted for Dark Sword (it will be released for sale in 2022).  I decided to do him in glacial coloration inspired by a glacier I saw while on a cruise in AK.
      For the Sculpting story, click here.
      For the Painting WIP, click here.
      Oh, and I won a gold medal for him in the Open category. 
       (Bear in mind that that is a 1" base)



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