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Siri Does D20 Random Rainbow Dragon!

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While I wait for the two paints I ordered to arrive, I green filled his gaps and I will get him primed in blue liner 


he also punched me in the mouth white his wing





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Linered up 


trying to decide where the colors will go.


main body will be Cloudy Grey of course, tempted to blend it with the purple along the spine, and have the wings go from a lightened grey to purple. Or go from grey to purple to red. Or grey to light purple to white 


maybe fade to red on the belly? Or red stripes and a lightened grey belly.


so many options


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3 minutes ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Why are your dragons making out?:huh:


Kryphrixis and Stormwing have a thing....they have ever since i unboxed them from the KS shipment...



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Better keep them in check before we get Dragon eggs...


Wait.. eggs means more Dragons..


Give 'em some privacy!!!



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    • By Redd Knekk
      After about 3 weeks it’s finally done! I’ve had a concept for a white dragon bouncing around in my head for a while, and I shy away from painting overly in white for the same technical reasons as everyone else, but this completes a loop in painting for me....
      My first dragon ever ever was a white (Reaper’s Deathsleet), and I was doing great just to get somewhat clean lines. After about a year and a half, I wanted to give it another try to compare how much I’ve learned. It’s been difficult since I’m not artistic, but learning to paint minis has been a great experience. I just took a picture of my first white dragon and this current white dragon.
      Sorry for the crappy photos, but I hope you enjoy the frost dragon/albino-ish concept.
      Please let me know what you would have done differently. Criticism and advice are always welcome! Goodnight :)

    • By Redd Knekk
      I started this project yesterday with Reaper Bones Stormwing after painting a blue one. I intended to paint another in blue to replace the one I gave away, but instead I thought it was time to do another white dragon!
      My first dragon was white, and I had no concept of painting techniques other than a fledgling understanding of brush control. This was a little over a year ago, so I’m painting this one to do a side by side comparison of how far I’ve come.
      I reprimed it white over the black, then went Lothern Blue (Citadel) base. I’ve done some gradual damp/dry brushing to work up gray/blue, gray, now hard transitioning into medium beige.
      Next step is going more into the whites now that the undertones are there. Breast scales are not undertoned, just straight gray. Going for pink/purple/ice blue highlights...almost like pearlescent finish on horns. I’ll figure it out on the wings and breastplates.
      Advice welcome!!

    • By Redd Knekk
      I painted this as a gift for a friend of mine who got me into DND. He ran Rise of Tiamat for over two years, and that was my introduction to DND and I’ve been hooked ever since. It just seemed like an appropriate gift for all the work he put in!

    • By GodOfCheese
      Learning from my previous forays into blending with wings, I decided to try for something more challenging.  In doing this, I learned that sometimes the parts of bigger minis don't fit together as well as one hopes, which in this case resulted in some  improvisation, especially around the foot/base socket and the wings.  But I am enjoying how he came out.  He was wondrously bumpy.  :-)

    • By TheOldGuard
      Hello all!
      I've just finished painting "Stormwing" from my Bones 3 collection - Yay!!
      My painting process of this mini can be found here in my ongoing Dragon/large monster WIP thread.
      Please feel free to comment & critique:










      Thanks for looking !
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