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[Morihalda] Quest Accepted: The D20 Rainbow Dragon

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(Holy moly, I haven't done a WIP since Spring 2016)


HOLY MOLY, how have I never painted a dragon??

I went through my stuff - I have a BOX of unpainted dragons. Thanks, Bones III. We're fixing that right now!


Questgiver here:

I choose you, Three Star Stormwing! ^_^ 


My rolls from this morning (also here):



I actually got some really lovely rolls here. Even though one of them is pure black, which limits me to 4 colors instead of 5, the heather blue and cloudy grey look nice together.


Unfortunately for contrast, they sort of... blend? Together? Learned artists, what's the word?

If I were to take all the color out of the heather blue, it would look exactly like the cloud grey.

I did check to see if my eyes were learning - they are!



So here is my dragon. My 3 rolled colors on the right, and my liner and white on the left. He's pinned but I still need to do some quick green stuffing!



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I thought the colors would go nicely for a stormy, cloudy type of dragon. And then I remembered his name. Stormwing.


So I decided to do something else! How about stone, like a granite? It would be fun to learn!



Of course, that means he's not Stormwing anymore. He's.....




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52 minutes ago, Morihalda said:

I thought the colors would go nicely for a stormy, cloudy type of dragon. And then I remembered his name. Stormwing.


So I decided to do something else! How about stone, like a granite? It would be fun to learn!



Of course, that means he's not Stormwing anymore. He's.....





This looks gneiss. Also awesome reference!


Oooh blueschist! Yeah!! You need a blueschist! 

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Ahh, don't you love when real life takes your craft time...


The Great Stone Dragon has been washed, pinned, green stuffed, and primed with Blue Liner. I want to paint this on the hangouts, so hopefully I can find my webcam in one of these... boxes... somewhere....  :rock:

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On 9/10/2017 at 11:42 PM, Morihalda said:

Of course, that means he's not Stormwing anymore. He's.....





:lol: I laughed way, way too hard at this. :lol:


And huzzah for your eye learning to identify (hues? shades? what's even the right word here) of paints and not being fooled by the colors themselves! Because Heather blue is so close to your midtone, you'll probably have to lean heavily on your white highlights to get the contast you're looking for. But I know you can do it!!! :D



--OneBoot :D

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  • 2 months later...



ReaperCon is past, I've recovered from that, I've packed and unpacked and packed and unpacked all sorts of junk, recovered from that, tried to make some headway with sculpting practice but I'm in the "everything is awful" stage, so it's break time from that! I can't believe ReaperCon was only 3 weeks ago. It seems like it's been forever!


We'll be heading out to D&D early today and I'll give myself some time to work on Stormwing there. Remembering that my grey and blue are awfully close together, I used an airbrush to get some starting highlights. Ignore the other figures, they were just airbrush practice. Everything will be paintbrush from here, I just wanted to use my husband's shiny toy. ::D: It's so humid down here that I've never wanted to risk spray can priming outside, so I've been missing out on zenithal priming! No more!


I'll be using white to make some strong highlights and start those cool stone swirlies! I think to make this not look so dull with gray+blue, I'll have to work in black and white for a while and then cover everything in my primary color, heather blue!



All of my rock photos:

Which ones do y'all like the most? ::): I'm thinking I can do #5 with the shade of blue I'm allowed! Maybe add some darker spots like #1 and #2....



Image result for blueschist

Related image

Related image

Related image

Related image




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#1, 5, or 6. 


#2 is an incredibly rare assemblage of benitoite (CA state gem) and neptunite on a natrolite matrix. Although it is beautiful, I don't think any actually exist of a size for a dragon to stand on. All of the other stones in the photos are large scale rocks that would be appropriate. Granted, this is all fantasy, so perhaps in some world there is a place with a ton of benitoite. If so, I want to go there. Benitoite is SO COOL. 

* that is a most likely identification of #2. Not a guarantee. 

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