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Enigma Fiama 32mm - My First Mini

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Excellent first mini! It is very cleanly done!

You are right, more contrast and washes etc will help. Try to imagine that there is a bright light above the figure to pick out the places to highlight and shadow. Sometimes I'll start staring at my own arm to do it. Often, not always, you'll mix your base color with black or white to create shadows and highlights. Or, most often to start, you use premade dark and light versions of your color. When you get more nitpicky, you can mix with other colors (like your green could be mixed with a navy blue in a shadow, and a pale yellow for highlights). Popping new paint onto existing paint is layering. Other forum dwellers can put it in more technical terms than me if they want. 

You also can do shadows or highlights by washing, and/or glazing. In a way, they're all different ways of adding new layers of paint. Straight up layering is just a new color on top of the old one to create the effects. A wash is thinned so it runs into nooks and crannies, and sometimes they're super nice to plop into an area (chainmail!).

Glazes are thin layers (very very thin). You water down the paint, get it on the brush, dab out most of the liquid so it isn't runny, then stripe on barely perceptible layers of paint so that you have a lot of control. You can go from black to white with all the shades of grey inbetween like this if you really wanted to. It is time consuming, but produces very smooth transitions between light and dark, or between different colors. 

Often I end up between a "layer" and a "glaze" personally, and depending on what I'm going for. I like thinning my paints, but not every area needs super thin layers to get the contrast appropriately smooth. 


Welcome to the forums, and great work to begin! 

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Thanks all for the feedback, I appreciate it. I think one if my main problems is I painted most of it through a 10x inspection scope. While this helps everything to stay nice and sharp at color breaks, etc, it is a hindrance to contrast. Painting something for a high contrast looks like a paint by number under the scope. Therefore, all of my shading and highlighting, while looking great under the scope, is way to subtle at 1x. I think my next one I will block in under 10x and finish under 1-2x. 


Any suggestions on a good set of washes? I've heard good things on Citadels $$$$ and Secret Weapon $.


As for the mini, since it is my first, I don't have a reference point for cleanup/prep.

The face itself is not very crisp and the right eye was malformed a bit. Mold lines weren't that bad and the arm attached with no issues.


My next one is a 75mm kit from Masterbox's World of fantasy (a lady riding on a big lizard. I'll post progress photos as I go along, but I am very slow on progress.


Thanks again for the warm welcome.

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@Hyjynx if you browse this forum you will notice a "Painting and Advice" section.

You can read up on some stuff there.

I also recommend to look at videoclips on youtube, search for "painting fantasy miniatures"

And look at other people's work.


Many of us make a WIP ( Work In Progress) thread when starting a mini.

That way people will give advice, hints and cheer you on while painting stuff.

And you can show us how you do it, we learn from each other that way.


Secret Weapon and Citadel washes are both good!


For Metallic Paints I love Scale 75.

Also Vallejo has great sets.


Have fun!

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Citadel premade washes are good. You can also make your own by thinning down your color of choice and keeping more in your brush than you would for glazing. Then it will plop into nooks and crannies. Just have to watch out for water lines. 

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I think the model name is Fiama, not Faima.  Took me a while to locate it.


You are correct that you need some more contrast -- the armor came out pretty uniform.  Some tonal variation would help distinguish the sections from one another.  Also, the hair needs highlights.


That said, this is an excellent job!  It's one heck of a lot better than my first mini was, that's for sure!  The base is excellent.


As for washes, I mostly use homebrew wash medium mixed with whatever paint I need.  I make it like so:


First, mix 1 part flow improver to 9 parts distilled water.


Second, mix in matte medium.  It should be a 50/50 mix between matte medium and the concoction from step 1.


Bottle -- I bought a bag of cheap plastic dropper bottles pretty much like Reaper's for this purpose.  Shake thoroughly.  Done.  This is colorless wash medium.  To use it, put a drop of your paint of choice in a well in your palette, then add the wash medium according to taste.  If you want the pigment diluted thoroughly, it might be 1 drop paint to 4 drops wash medium;  or it could be a 1:1 mix.


Some people use the same recipe but add colorants for canned colored washes -- usually acrylic artist inks.  There's a guide on dakka dakka, which is where I learned to do it.

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Wow such brush control.. And this is your first?! You are indeed onto a very good start, I can say that right away. 


Shades and contrast.. Darker darks, lighter lights.. That is kinda the definitive motto around here.. Even though It will seem exaggerated when you look upclose the effect will be nice.. Much like (as a fellow painter pointed out just the other day) stage make-up painting for theatre.. 


So, be brave to increase your contrast.. Always go for one more highlight once you think its done..


Welcome on board, enjoy the ride!

10 hours ago, Hyjynx said:


How troublesome are tide/water marks from these washes (store bought and homemade)?



Very! I mean very very.. troublesome.. I started with Vallejo washes and almost stopped painting altogether due to this menace.. Then I was introduced to Citadel washes (or shades, as they are called) and I was reborn..


This is only true for washes tho, mind you.  I exclusively use Vallejo paints otherwise.. Model color, game color, air color and inks and I am immensely satisfied.. Just stay clear of the washes..   

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