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Something growing in my paint


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I don't know if I'd say lucky you, but no I've never heard of it before.


I suppose if it wasn't a new bottle it could have been a case of contaminating with the brush.


However since it was new, I highly suggest contact Reaper, and make sure you let them know where you purchased it, they like to track things like that.  


They are good at making sure the customer is happy, contact them, please.



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Having had a microbiology course at one point here is my bit of information.

One, I would scrape off the fuzzies and throw them out, then using a cloth that is damp with lysol I would carefully wipe the area where the fuzzies were growing and that should disinfect it.  I would also make sure to wash the cap really well in hot soapy water then dry it good before putting it back on the bottle.


As to what caused the fuzzies in the first place?  Well, mold is one of these strange things.  Have you ever gone into a bathroom where the ventilation is poor and there is mold/mildew growing on the ceiling and/or walls?  Well I believe the same thing applies here.  Either way the surface is still paint, and mold/mildew can thrive in just about any environment, even ones most people would consider inhospitable to anything else.  What may have happened is that the paint was stored to long in a very WARM area after its manufacture and bottling and condensation crept up around the lid area and mold decided to take up residence there.


That is my take on things.  Hope it helps.

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I still think Dawn would be best served contacting Reaper about with the information as to where the paint was purchased and what the problem is. This way they have better controls over their QC, and they can send you a new paint pot of fresh paint.
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This is the second post I've seen asking about mouldy paint/inks.


The other one was on the Theminiaturespage.com forums.


Mold, like bacteria, can eat nearly anything for food. It's why hairsprays, shampoos and cosmetics all have anti-spoilage stuff in them ( isochlorothiazolinone is one commonly seen on shampoo bottles ).


Acrylic paints and inks are a suspension of organic material in water. As such, they could potentially 'spoil'. Undoubtably most paints thus would have preservatives in them. Maybe reaper had a bad batch?


I doubt you can rescue the paint. The fuzz on the surface is only part of the problem. Undoubtly, the fungus has sent mycorhizzae down into the paint to feed. It's probably a bit gloppy/stringy now.


Throw it out, and contact reaper for a replacement. They probably need to adjust the amount of preservatives in the paint.



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