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The Coffee Dwarves of Confefe Mountain

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On special occasions they add Bailey's to it. (The Third Law of Agamenthar states that only three things may be added to the brew, sugar, booze, and the blood of worthy foes.),so not so much the grudge against the beer drinkers, they save their ire for those who willingly drink decaf. But as far as rival factions go I'm thinking lizard folk who worship the giant Chameleon of Cold Brew.

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Seeing as how reinforcements for the Coffee Dwarves are currently inbound, I thought it finally time to get started on the Dwarf army that has been waiting patiently for paint since 2007. They came as one of the Warhammer starter armies and I decided to start with the cannon and crew as rhey won't take too much time and I still have a herd of Mouslings to finish.


Coffee and Dwarves, let the new year commence!


After a few hours and a pot of coffee later, the skin is done, using the bronzed skin triad, and the beards basecoated. The frame of the cannon has been undercoated black where the metal will be and white where the Maxwell House colors will go. The barrel will be painted up seperately so I have something to hold onto. I decided against basing it just yet as I'm undecided whether it will be a field piece or will be permenantly attached to Confefe Mountain once I finally get around to building it.


The Engineer thus far


The swabber


The ammo hauler


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Looks like I'm not getting much done tonight. Not long after I sat down and started getting shadowed steel on the cannon, my back decided to lodge a protest. So instead I'll just have to content myself with chilling on the couch and attacking moldlines on the Clansdwarves and Miners. Typing "dwarf music" into youtube yielded some interesting results which led to this...

Far o'er Confefe Mountain cold,

Where cups are deep and flavor bold,

We must imbibe at break of day,

to break free of slumber's hold.


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The cannon barrel had some p3 armor wash applied and pure white added to the scrollwork.

Orange highlights and the sleeves were brought up from rainy gray with several coats of linen white with pure white hightlighted over it.Same with the ammo loader's pendant and the swabber's coffee mug and helmet decoration.

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Almost done! Just a few touch ups with brown wash and dragon bronze on the cannon hammer. Took a break to rummage through some stuff and found some useful bits, which means I'll be basing the cannon after all. But for now as Mayor Quinby would say, "I hereby declare this time to be....a napping time."

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