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2015 Reapercon Banquet mini---Painted for Reapercon 2017 WIP

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So, I got this pretty cool figure a few years ago at my first Reapercon.



I don't think I've ever seen him painted up, so I figured I'd give it a shot, and I'll be bringing him to this year's 'con.


The base on the figure was slightly miscast, so I removed it and attached the figure to an urban rubble base ('old factory' by Basicks).


His pants are painted up in an WW2 German 'ambush pattern' camouflage scheme.


Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I decided to try some freehand tattoos on him. I'm doing something vaguely reminiscent of the tribal tattoos that George Clooney's character had in From Dusk 'Till Dawn.  In the movie the tats were on his left arm; I'm doing them on the right 'cause there's more room there. I also added a word tattooed onto the fingers of his left hand.


....and that's where I'm stuck. I know I need to try to do something to make 'em look they're under the skin, not just painted on top of it, but I'm not sure what/how to do it...I tried what I thought was a light wash; that ended up looking terrible. I ended up repainting his arm, it was that bad. (On the plus side, I think the second version of the tats looks better.)


So please let me know what you think, and any advice would be great;y appreciated.











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The pants are looking good with the pattern, but they need dulling down a bit to look like cloth. Maybe a super light glaze with the khaki?  Can't help with the rest of it but I'm sure someone else will.

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Good one!


Mostly tattoos and such are best glazed over with the skin  midtone they're upposed to be on.

That way they will look like they're IN the skin instead of ON the skin.



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14 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Thanks, GW!  I'll give that a shot (once I work up the courage; afraid of screwing it up again...).


Use a thin glaze ( glazes are watery, I make mine on a white plastic pallet, when you brush it, you should see the white appear) I mix 1 drop of paint with water and/or glaze medium till I get the desired effect.

Let it dry.

Repeat till you're satisfied.


Might take a while, but it is better to use several thin layers instead of a thick one, which will obscure it.


*** I just realized, my initials are now the same as the Evil Empire...Coincedence? ...WOOF out..****

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That is one NASTY piece of work! I never saw that one before...of course there are lots of things I've never seen before.  The finger tats are cool...you could put MOM on the other hand.

Have FUN with the Big Guy. You're off to an OUTSTANDING START!

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Thanks, Malefactus!


A little update:





That's after about 4 glazes to try to make the tats look 'in' the skin as opposed to 'on' it. Better?


I've also gotten his armor started.

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Keep adding more glazes of skintone over those tats. The nice thing about glazes is that you can tint things to where you want/need them to be pretty easily. It's a bit time consuming, but well worth the effort. 

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Hmmm...do a whole bunch of work and not post about it...I don't think that's how this is supposed to work....anyway, here's where he stands at the moment.

The blade needs more work done to it, and I'm considering doing some freehand graffiti on his armor; good idea or not?

If it's good, any suggestions? I was thinking 'Born to Kill' (from Full Metal Jacket), and/or a Punisher style skull...


Anything else I should fix while I'm at it?













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Very nice. I may reference this thread for attempting tattoos in the future so far I have only attempted warpaint on a couple of figs and haven't been super happy with it. I wonder if glazing would help with that as well.

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