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Where to get translucent weapons?

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So Starfinder is out, and introduces a class with the gimmick of using a blade of pure sunlight or shadow.


I think a clear blade with a yellow/golden wash will work for the photon blade, but where can one get clear swords or sword blades for 28mm minis?

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If you can wait a while, as Glitterwolf says, there were a bunch in the  Bones 3 Kickstarter.  They haven't hit retail, and their expected release date is To Be Determined (I suspect because they will require non-standard packaging.)   

In the meantime, you can try searching eBay for someone who might be getting rid of theirs for some reason.





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Alternatively those little cocktail skewers shaped like swords can be cut and used for that purpose. They come in lime green and pink. Not sure about yellow.

Quick check of Amazon shows them in orange and clear (colorless). Also plastic toothpicks are a thing?

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