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Sculptor Sandra Garrity posted about IP infringment on Facebook

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I saw this post from Sculptor Sandra Garrity reposted by one of the places I follow on facebook, talking about a company who is allegedly producing miniatures she owns the IP on(from the Ex-Grenadier) without her permission


Sandra Garrity


I have given a lot of thought to what to say about Mirliton/Stefano Grazzini's continued illegal production and sale of my figures.

Despite being notified repe...atedly since 2006, and being sent legal documents showing that I, and now also Gin Fritter at Armorcast, legally own certain Ex-Grenadier figures, Mirliton/ (Stefano Grazzini) brazenly continues to sell our figures without our permission. His saying that he will take this matter up with me privately is a joke! Mr.Grazzini has failed to contact me or respond to my emails.His refusal to stop producing my figures, and respond to my emails, shows he has no intention of doing the honest, reputable thing. He knows it would be prohibitively expensive for Armorcast and me to take legal action. Since he is in Italy, he just does whatever he pleases.

Mr Grazzini, if you are the reputable person that, you claim to be, stop selling the Ex-Grenadier figures that Armorcast and I legally own. It is now up to you to do the right thing and respect our intellectual property rights.





I know that in the past I've seen the company recommended as a source of some of the old Grenadier range (and may well have recommended it myself) when people who are looking for them ask, but given what's said above I'd hesitate to do so now as I don't approve of unauthorised copying of other peoples work for profit


Now I know this is only one side of the story, and that the IP of some stuff from defunct companies becomes complex (eg Ral Partha Europe is still legitimately able to manufacture minis that Ral Partha itself lost the rights to when it folded/got bought), but where there are issues because of this you've got to at least talk about things (after all if you're convinced what you're doing is legit, why not say so and provide the evidence)

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Mirliton just posted up a KS for the four old Grenadier officially licensed Traveller box sets.   The names were changed to "Travelers", but it was pretty much the same box artwork, and in one of the sets, the minis were even using the Traveller names of Vargr, Hiver, Droyne, etc.   The FB Traveller group had barely started discussing the KS and whether or not Mirliton had the rights when it was cancelled by the creator. 

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On 9/13/2017 at 6:40 PM, Orlando_the_Technicoloured said:

follow up from Sandra Garrity's facebook showing the minis in question (so those that wish to avoid them can do so even if they might not want to totally boycott the company)




The list of minis seems to have disappeared.

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Yes, it would appear to have finally been resolved in April of this year.



Hi all! Things have been very busy at the studio, I so haven't been able to to post. Thank you so much everyone for all your support concerning the Mirliton illegal use of my ex-grenadier figures. It seems that they have finally stopped selling them after my many years of struggle to get Stefano Grazzini to cease production of them.

I am sure Gin Fritter, at Armorcast, also shares my appreciation to all of you for your help and support. Armorcast is producing many of my ex-Grenadier figures, legally, for anyone who would like to have some.

Thank you to everyone! ::):


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I’m glad to hear this worked out for Ms.Garrity and for the company that actually has the rights to produce those specific minis.


Have to admit I’m also glad for myself as it means I can order from Mirlton.

At some point I still need to order that goblin war giant I’ve been wanting since the ‘80’s.


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7 minutes ago, Darsc Zacal said:

I’m glad to hear this worked out for Ms.Garrity and for the company that actually has the rights to produce those specific minis.


Have to admit I’m also glad for myself as it means I can order from Mirlton.

At some point I still need to order that goblin war giant I’ve been wanting since the ‘80’s.



Something I have done two years ago, still need to paint it.

A bit afraid since it is my Holy Grail since I saw it in the 80's, I want to do it justice.

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