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Sculptor Sandra Garrity posted about IP infringment on Facebook

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Would someone PM me the website where these casts can be found?  i have searched for armorcast and found a company that supplies miniatures but none of Sandra's dragons are on the website.

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Does anyone?  People wonder why things get produced illegally, this is usually the reason.  If you can't get what you want from normal channels you move to more questionable avenues.  I like Sandra and I think she did a marvoluous job with these.  I think she deserves payment for her work.  But I also think it's pretty mean to withhold these from production.


And even if mirlton is shut down, if a legal method is not offered, some recaster is going to see opportunity and it will be harder to chase down.  


I always find it a little humorous when we are discussing things like this with miniatures.  It seems like it's in everyones interest to produce the miniatures legally.  There is obviously a market and I assume the artists would like to get paid and I am pretty sure there is a casting house that wants to make a profit.  Yet so many good casts languish for lack of production...

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Did they sell her dragons?

As far as I can tell what this was about was stopping the illegal sale of models Sandra has gained the rights to for Grenadier and then sold over to Armorcast.

None of which, near as I can tell, included her dragons.


If you want some legal Sandra Garrity dragons, I hear Reaper has a bunch, though. ;)

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Alright, you can all Zen smack me across the back of the head.  Wrong artist.  I was thinking of Julia Guthrie. And her Grenadier dragons which I have had a very hard time finding.


 For better or worse, except for some of the bones versions of metal dragons, I own every dragon that reaper has cast, including the serious paperweight that is T'raukzal, although that one I do own both versions of.


There have been a lot of amazing sculptors over the years in this industry.  I am really happy to see the older minis coming back into production.  I just have a particular love for dragons...


I am also really happy to see the artists getting recognized for their work and getting compensated for them.  I just do fear that if copyrights are kept from production, we open the door for less legitimate production methods.


Not afraid to admit I am mistaken.  And I am happy to see that things were finally settled with protection of the artist

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On 10/17/2018 at 9:37 AM, Darsc Zacal said:

At some point I still need to order that goblin war giant I’ve been wanting since the ‘80’s.


On 10/17/2018 at 9:44 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Something I have done two years ago, still need to paint it.

A bit afraid since it is my Holy Grail since I saw it in the 80's, I want to do it justice.


Yeah, that giant is probably the only model from their range I'd like to paint. But, €80... Some day, maybe, in the future.

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Grumpy has it.


In lead.


It weighs an elfin TON!


I think he used GW plastic goblins instead of the original metal models, and it has chains all over it too. I think he called it Jack in Irons or something like that.

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