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LittleBluberry embarks upon the d20 Rainbow Dragon Quest

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First off, I'm a complete sucker for rolling d20s.  Second, I've been in a painting slump and can't be bothered to drag all my paints out to paint and/or I'm too intimidated to work on my other projects.  Third, my hubby (a.k.a. Wise Kraken) has a conference coming up and is going to be out of town for the last week of September.  I'm hoping that I can get my confidence and enthusiasm back if I do a silly project that doesn't require a lot of set-up or over-thinking.  


So here's the link to the rules post, I'll probably accidentally break some of them because I'm just not planning on stressing about this.  (Which, I think, is the point, right??)  



And here are my pictures:




So the dragon is Kryphrixis , and my rolls were 4, 17 & 10.  Which is Orange Brown, Marine Teal and Imperial Purple.  It's...  actually really close to doing a colorful version of a bronze dragon.  I didn't cheat, honest!!  I'm short the Orange Brown, ironically, but it will probably take as long to order the paint as I'll take to prep the dragon.  


I haven't decided whether I want to take on one of the extra challenges, it might depend on how I feel or how well the colors mix.  It's super tempting to shade with other colors from the same triads, mainly since I've already got them.  :devil:  


Wish me luck, and feel free to gently prod me to work on this guy.  ^_^


EDIT:  Deleted duplicate image of die rolls.  


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5 minutes ago, Grayfax said:

Good luck! Have fun!

*** Very carefully uses avoidance reading technique so as not to invoke the Quest ***


*** Hi Sabretooth!***


***Could you hold these three dice for me for a while?***


*** Don't drop them, or you will have to enlist!!!!***


*** Wanders off***

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So I decided that the best way to not get discouraged is to forge ahead as quickly as possible.  So I made a quick trip to the Mox Boarding House since they're the only place even somewhat local that carries Reaper paint.  I now have these lovely three colors.



And since I already had the full triad for Marine Teal and Imperial Purple I splurged on an extra bottle to have the full triad for Orange Brown.  Grabbed them all plus white, black, brush on sealer, water and Palomino Gold.  This is a lot of little bottles.  



I haven't completely decided whether I'm going to use all of these paints or not, I figure sticking with a triad is pretty close to the spirit of the challenge for someone who isn't great at mixing colors (like me).  Sometimes mixing white or black into another color really messes with the overall tone and I don't want a dull looking dragon.  Which is the real reason why I've got the Palomino Gold out, I know it would mix better with the Orange Brown.  I'll probably try mixing things and see how it looks before I commit.  


Currently my plan is to make the body of the dragon Orange Brown, put Marine Teal on the underside of the wing membranes and Imperial Purple on the belly.  Which could be really colorful or a real catastrophe.  Any thoughts, opinions or bets?  ::D: 

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No pretty pictures, just noting that I've assembled my victim dragon, trimmed some mold lines, filled the gaps with green stuff (think I need to look into liquid green stuff), primed the green stuff and I'll be doing a coat of brown liner tonight as well.  I'm pretty sure it's not going to look much different than the starter pic I've got in the first post.  


I do have to say that Mr. K looks really easy to paint once assembled, which is a nice feature.  While I've started Narthrax he's mostly still in pieces, so this will likely be the first dragon I actually finish painting.  Probably a good thing this challenge came along to motivate me to learn all these dragon-related skills, I've got a lot more dragons that need paint!  ^_^ 

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