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Massive Darkness Agents


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Well, I like the game a lot, so I figured I may as well start painting it up.


Been a while since I've painted minis, and I had a few days off and just kinda got sucked into it. Mostly quick tabletop stuff here, though it took me longer than it should've because I was struggling to remember how to paint! Consistencies were all over the place, and when it came time to do the NMM, I drew a blank. I remembered some of the tricks, and spent a little extra time blending the blades (which turned out pretty decent for TT if I do say so).


Glad you guys like them, pretty primitive but it was fun and I really would like to get the set painted up at some point!


Additional color notes: neutral grey triad for steel, gold nmm triad for the gold. My first time using the nmm triad, and for a real paintjob I'd definitely go above and below it, but that's the case for every triad. For a quick n dirty, it's a great triad!

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Oh my gosh, these are fun!


I love how you've taken the things you've learned in art class and applied them here.  I think I can see the influences in your color choices and blending and lights and darks.


The metal effects are pretty dang good.  I had to look hard at some of those swords to make sure their effects were painted on.

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