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True+ism from Jasonator.

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Concerning Sabastion my overly British-opinionated Teddy Bear.

For several years I have been asked what type of Bear is Sabastion, besides Pushy, and Fussy !

Well; I've never had that heart to tell him the following, and he still doesn't know it.

Sabastion ISN'T a bear at all.  He's a FOX.  It is HE that insists he is a bear.

So, I decided while he took a break this morning to take some photo's of him.

Of course HE was delighted..

So here is Lord Sabastion in all his glory, in his "Bear Outfit".. he really is a British Coach Fox; but there is NO convincing him.




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He looks to be a well dressed member of the Hunt Saboteurs Association. You have to admire a Furry Fellow who sticks up for himself & his kind. WELL DONE, THAT FOX!

I always look forward Sabastian's commentary...I used to enjoy Bill Buckley's as well, even though I rarely agreed. AND he is a striking figure of a Bear or Whatever.

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At closer inspection he suspiciously look like a bear impersonating a fox impersonating a fox hunter.


Either that or Momma Bear got friendly with Uncle Fox.


Anyway, still looks spiffy!

I'd drink tea and have scones with this fellow.

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Oh, Mon Deux, que'll "Shock, Surprise, Can't Imagine it is true.

I must accept the obvious "  There is a SECOND BEAR in my house !!!

Sabastion is all non-grumpy and is hiding something from me.

I found 20 rolls of colored ribbons under bathroom sink this morning,

AND WHITE/BLONDE fur in outside trash can this Afternoon..

Low Sounds of humming and contentment are coming from somewhere,

even furniture has been moved AND DUSTED.

More snooping about must be done...

Keep posted...

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