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Quest Accepted, Nakos goes on the Rainbow Dragon quest

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Ok, this looks fun and gives me something to do between coats on Khanjira. 

I'm choosing two, Kyphrixis and clear Pyphrixis, for this one. I want to see if I can make a shadow version of Kyphrixis. Looks like a lot of wash and ink making. Both are currently drying so I'm using the KS image. 


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 Used Reaper's black primer to prime the opaque Kyphrixis and dullcoat for the clear Kyphrixis. Basecoated opaque's scales with pure black thinned just a bit then thinned it way down to a glaze/ink and basecoated clear's scales. 


Primed the bases with DF's grey drybrush, wetbrushed with DF's cavern stone, heavy drybrush of DF's cavern and stone edge 50:50ish, and finally used SW's stone wash. SW's stone wash has more of a green/brown tint than grey. I think it'll contrast nicely with the black and purple. 




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2 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

i want a see-through one =( i was sad i missed out onj it


Me too, I didn't even notice it back then!

Suddenly people talked about it and i was like..what? Clear Dragon? Where?

As soon as it arrives in retail it is mine!!!

I love Kyphrixis!!!


@nakos awesome rolls.

Look at Slaanesh minis for inspiration, black/purple/pink are GW Slaanesh colours.

They go very well together IMHO!


Good luck with the madness!



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Glued together the dragons and or a second layer of black on both. I think I shouldn't have out the second layer of black on clear Kyphrixis, by the time I get to highlighting the black with the purple it'll probably be to opaque. Yeah, trying to do a clear takes more planning than I thought. I'll try to clean it up selectively with simple green or isopropyl. 


Put two layers of the imperial purple on the wings. The plan right now is to highlight each color worth the next color down since each is a logical progression. 


Next was more base work, drybrush with cavern then cavern/stone edge. I wanted to add some black specks and remembered a tip about flicking the brush. 





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Ok, after a week of not wanting to look at this or Khanjira went back to this and to start laying out the highlights and shadows. The original plan of using the purple to highlight the black isn't going to give me the look I want but it seems Blush Pink will. Later I'll do a color palette of Imperial Purple and Blush Pink. 


Oh, and I think I may have found a pretty decent color match of Drow Nipple Pink, somewhere between 9:1 and 8:1 Pink to Black. 


Photos of all the palettes later after I do the Purple and Pink and some more testing of the Drow Nipple Pink.

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 Ok, here are the color pallets of my three main colors. I'm pretty sure I'm going to like the black and blush pink to highlight better than the black and imperial purple. Though the black and purple will make great color variance in the scales and help the black to shadow itself. I think I should have put a second coat of purple down as the black primer showed through. 

Also here is some photos of my drow nipple pink substitute using only the colors available for this challenge. If there is interest I can start a thread on this in painting help. 


Photos in order: 

Blush Pink and Imperial Purple increasing the purple on black

DNP L-R 1PB:1PW:10BP from the nozzle, 1PB:10BP, real DNP, 1PB:1PW:10BP from the bottom of the bottle

DNP far right 1PB:2PW:10BP

Black and Imperial Purple on black

Black and Blush Pink on black

Blush Pink and Imperial Purple increasing the pink on black

Blush Pink and Imperial Purple on Imperial Purple

Blush Pink and Imperial Purple on Imperial Purple 









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    • By Echoside_
      The challenge complete!  I present Kai, the Strawberry Dragon!

      Thank you all for the challenge and the feedback!
    • By Echoside_
      I, Echoside, will be undergoing this awesome challenge as my Dragon and paints have arrived from Denton.  
      I have chosen the victim of Kyphrixis, The Copper Dragon for this 3-star challenge.  Will be using green and red liner to prime.
      My rolls:

      So after his bath, it was picture time!

      I think he will end up being a Strawberry Dragon! 
      First off, I sorry for the Cut/Paste first post, but it was fitting.
      Secondly, Kai (the moniker I've given to him) got himself primed up and ready for more layers while out at a miniature painting event at a local gaming store.  Such a splendid way to start the challenge. 
      I bathed the base unit in Sepia Liner, as I don't believe the base was to be done strictly in the color scheme of the dragons.  Kai himself was bathed in the Red liner, which is very purple if you ask my eyes.   The wing membranes were done in the Green Liner.  I'm hoping for some interesting undershading effects once the 3 primary colors start to roll on.  
      I've blocked out in my head what scales are going to be which shades and such, I'm just hoping I have the skills to bring whats in my head out on the dragon himself.  But without further ado, picture time!

    • By MissNiki
      This is my first post here!  I have been encouraged for a while to join the forums and share some of the mini's that I have painted. I have been painting for many years dabbling in many styles and mediums. I've gotten more serious about my mini work the last couple years though. 
      I was hesitant to share my work, but figured, "What the heck! Why not!"
      I decided to start with this model as it is one of my favorites to paint and I just love glitter, man! 
      I painted this up for my first con last fall and it was actually purchased by my bestie,  he then requested I add the glitter (to match another halfling mini I did for him.) 
      This is now his alternate ego character (he is the DM lol), which in his campaign ge had only revealed himself to be a helpful travelling halfling wizard until this guy was done. Then it was revealed he was a celestial dragon all along and the main adversary...or something like that lol! 
      Please be honest and feel free to C&C! Ultimately I know the owner loves it, but I would love to see what others think!! 
      And thanks for welcoming me into this community!
      Oh, and as I am sure you guessed, I did get the Bones 3 Kickstarter so, please feel free to request I share any other minis I might have painted already or will paint :) 

    • By jtkimmel
      I finished this up right at Christmas to give to a friend as a gift. This is the first dragon I've ever painted (though I have been painting historical stuff for many, many years). It was certainly a learning experience, painting a dragon is not like painting a WW2 tank, and if I had been smart I would have done one for myself first as a test but time was of the essence and I was glad I finished it in time.
      I picked purple because its one of my friend's favorite colors, and was pleased to find there are actually purple dragons in fantasy, called Deep Dragons. I bought the Royal Purples triad from Reaper and used Imperial Purple as the main color and shaded and highlighted the scales with the Nightshade and Amethyst purples. The crest was painted with Coal Black from the holiday set before highlighting with the purples. The chest was a mix of Amethyst and Imperial purple. I added the blue gems on the chest late after seeing some other examples of Kyphrixis on these forums that had the gems painted.
      The wings in the photos are the third attempt at painting them, the first two versions I did not like. The first try was the base purple with a mottling of ivory. I was hoping to get a translucent look but it didn't work. Then I painted them Terran Khaki with the Ivory mottling to get a parchment look but that didn't look right either. I was going to repaint them in the base colors but wondered what they would like if I just covered the Khaki/Ivory with Army Painter Purple Tone. Two coats of the Purple Tone and I liked how it looked. I spray dullcoated him but the wings still have a bit a sheen from the Purple Tone.
      The rock base was painted charcoal then drybrushed with various greys and tans and the wood base is something I picked up at the craft store which was stained and varnished before the plastic base was glued on.
      I definitely learned a lot painting him and look forward to painting the rest of the dragons I got in Bones 3.

    • By Disciple of Sakura
      I picked up the clear Kyphrixis from Bones 3 with the full intent to make it a White Dragon while leaving the wing membranes translucent,which is what I did. I did wind up deciding to do a wash on the membranes, but otherwise, really love the effect. 

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