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Random Rainbow Dragon challenge accepted by midshipmaneasy

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Ok. I have fallen victim to this insane challenge. More than that I am determined to go for the 3 star challenge. Oh dear!


In keeping with the spirit of this whole thing I rolled randomly for the dragon and got Ebonwrath.

As for colours...

Main: Olive Green

Secondary: Lemon Yellow

Tertiary: Terran Khaki



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Another one!!!


Good luck!


Welcome to the forum!

What a way to enter!

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yes welcome to the forums! 

been painting long ?


insane challenges are the best, why else would I have a micro-bust (the head and shoulders cut off a 32mm figure and painted like a stone bust.? 

or 'Murica the Mustard monk, complete with hot dog and mustard bottle made from green stuff. ??


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Thank you for the wlecome everyone..

I do not feel that I am new here as I have been lurking around for a number of years and my wife "Sanwah" has been a Reaper fan for years and is regularly on the forums.

It might be a hell of a first post, but why not do these things properly! Headfirst is just fine. :D

I painted my first model plane some 35-38 years ago and have pursued the hobby ever since with varying degrees of enthusiasim and comitment. I am by no means an expert and still have much to learn.

I use an airbrush a lot these days and will be doing much of the work on Ebonwrath with it.

Need to buy a little more paint and we can begin.

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On 17/09/2017 at 1:44 AM, vegascat said:

I'm jealous of your airbrush skills!  I have one, but have no idea what I'm doing with it and barely use it :wacko:

If you were anywhere near me, (Penrith, Sydney, Australia, and relatively speaking anything on this continent is realtively close, ::P::lol: ) there is a professional airbrusher who runs courses just around the corner that I could personally reccomend. Failing that google "Next Level Painting". The guy is a bit of a rough nut but he is talented and his video tutorials are pretty good. Other than that just jump right it and experiment.

Might have to post some finished works at some point. Hmmmm. Cuthulu?!:;,;:

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So a progress update.


Lined: Brown liner.



Preshading: Black. The idea here is the darken those areas where you want shadow. Udersides, definition lines, between his toes....





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On 9/16/2017 at 10:44 AM, vegascat said:

I'm jealous of your airbrush skills!  I have one, but have no idea what I'm doing with it and barely use it :wacko:

@knarthex has given airbrush tutorials over the google hangouts before and I'm sure would be happy to walk you through it/give pointers/answer any questions you might have. 


That preshading is looking very nice and is a great idea to get some good contrast with the colours that you rolled!


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