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Quest accepted! Kate has joined the Rainbow Dragon Challenge.


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2 hours ago, Cyradis said:

No imperial purple or marine teal as primary colors yet that I recall though. 


My primary is Imperial Purple, so I'm looking forward to it as I've come to love purple. :wub:


Kate, I'm loving your colors and readily admit to being a bit jealous!  Can't wait to see your painting on him!

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I love marine teal but I think earth brown is my least favorite brown of all of them. After painting many CAV for my husband I am beginning to dislike Terran Khaki and Rach Red though. I got some painting in this weekend but have not had a chance to get on the computer until today.


I mixed the earthbrown with black and a drop of teal for the basecoat.



Then I mixed the marine teal with black for the basecoat on the wings. I don't think I have a picture of that. Next I did a layer of the straight color and used brilliant green for the eyes and wing edges.



I tried green on the claws, but didn't like it. Maybe with another layer or two of brown, I will like it better. I should have some time this weekend to get more work done on it. I think there will be more teal on the wings and less of the brown.

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