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So its been a almost a month since i've browsed the forums... ya'll make it hard to get stuff done if i do...:huh:

Anywho, encouraged or emboldened by my last attempt at the dark side paint scheme of black on black and looking through here... when it came time to make a Black Guard (dark paladin, black knight) for my campaign i went full hog on the shader technique i tried with the Tiefling Warlock... ok... so turns out dark paladins with warhorses are a bit hard to come by how i wanted it... soooo I picked up a "chaotic" knight made by "Those who's Shop shall not be purchased from" but i got em on the cheap cheap and new so paintover wasnt needed. So please try to stab in the non-vitals when the mob inevitably forms.... IMG_6730.thumb.JPG.bfea48de7510fbfe1e733d7684798aab.JPGIMG_6731.thumb.JPG.2debb9d7a710565a00c74695083812d3.JPGIMG_6732.thumb.JPG.eb0c31ee5d83d347c4eb7d640f6f711a.JPGIMG_6733.thumb.JPG.120e5efbaa2e97491bb6a165aba8412d.JPG

All was done with a base of vallejo black primer, then chain mail silver, followed by one heavy layer of army painter dark tone wash before applying the wash in layers in intentional spots. With the exception of the shield which was painted black on its front first. And the leather grips on his "glaive". 

His Warhorse was done the same:IMG_6725.thumb.JPG.3a8de9e0422700b8eb4c56f57b29921b.JPGIMG_6726.thumb.JPG.0bc5a35efb5be9eb05b785eb22ab1c9c.JPGIMG_6727.thumb.JPG.3b17636a56ab0d49e2e7d2488b3f2405.JPGIMG_6748.thumb.JPG.f6fe46ee5418dbcde418552473b99485.JPG

I've just started dry brushing somber grey/black mix over the black on the legs and exposed areas. It is starting to give it a kind of midnight blue/black look. Also took the opportunity to try my hand at minis with magnets since the horse probably wont last the encounter.




Not really sure what i wanna do for bases yet. did also notice a spot that was missed due to the sticky tac over lapin the model when taking these pics... so gotta fix that. As always ideas, criticisms, thoughts welcomed.






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12 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Pretty cool.  Not sure how you resisting putting in at least a splash of color but he looks good.

 Well... if you consider red a splash then he has some ... deep in the eye sockets... kind of as a reference point possibly for future. He is a black knight after all... and i'm a bit mundane i suppose in that i like my dark paladins/fallen knights etc dark... like so far from the light it retreats from them dark if i could... but it is unfinished and the game is tomorrow, so i'm not going to rush him... who knows once the games done what could happen.::D:

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    • By WhiteWulfe
      Every now and then, it's fun to give something new a try.  In this case, I had a spare Ingrid lying around since hubby didn't want to paint her, and this all started with me trying to show hubby how I do drybrushing...  Or at least attempt drybrushing, since I'm not all that good at it.  Thankfully, it helped him pick up the basics alongside what was written in the LTPK Core manual...
      Then it turned into a downward, flaming spiral, but arguably, in this case, flaming is good. ^_^;;;;  I wondered, is it possible to drybrush an ENTIRE mini...  And even more so, can I do it with just FOUR paints, where two of them had technically already been chosen since I'd started on her cloak, AND none of them could technically be from the same colour group as another (so no reds if you have an orange or pink, etc)?  And even more so, using JUST the #2 flat brush I had picked out before for the drybrushing?
      Well, uhmn....  First and foremost, it was fun, and that was the point of it all for me.  Just sit down, have fun, and see where things go.  In short, I'm calling it a draw - I've picked up on a few more things as basics to work from, and I'm fairly proud of that cape, doubly so since it wasn't anywhere near as long to do as other techniques.  Does it sell it as well as layering does?  Nope, but I'm okay with that!
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      The story I'm going with is that it's a cursed gem that steadily corrupts and takes over one's body and soul, and that she's pretty much completely overtaken by it...  Or something, as she's kind of a pink glowing eyed dusty grey skin coloured gnome now, with gear that hopefully looks fairly dated / well aged....
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      I did a quick job on a couple of the North Star plastic Frostgrave Cultists this week, so we would have some for the kick-off of our Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign tomorrow (weather permitting).   I really like these North Star plastic kits, though I felt this set had more undead skeletal parts in it than I would have preferred since I wanted it mainly to make cultists and not skeletal warriors.  


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      Here is the Black Guard I set from GameZone miniatures (SKU 0451).  There was an awful lot of armor plates to paint on these, so I had to force myself to finish them up, but now that they are done I am happy with how they turned out.  The metals are shaded metallics, with silver as the highest highlights.

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