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Hulkbuster - Knight Models


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Despite your troubles, you managed to make this figure absolutely outstanding! I can picture Tony Stark in it being entirely sarcastic, or seeing these photos as part of the artist's valley at comic-con (and the kick-broccoli artists, not the swift cartoony stuff). Excellent work. Stinks that it took so much work to be satisfactory to begin with; Knight models are not cheap. Especially their Marvel once since they lost the license. 

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Thanks for the comments everyone!

It was a trying model for sure, and painted up for a Patron.

The casting quality was so poor simply due to the fact that it seemed they ran the mold way past its' lifespan. It felt like this was the last 20 of the model cast on a mold that should have been replaced about 50 casts ago (you can see some of poor casting still on the front knee, blue arc reactor hole).

In all I think I sunk over 100 hours into this thing with clean up assembly and painting. Part of the massive amount of hours put was the way I chose to paint the red - I worked from the base shade and built it up. The first highlight of red must have taken about 30 hours alone.

But, the end result made it worth the effort.

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