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Cheap Figs at Wally World


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36 minutes ago, PinkCarnation said:

I fig that figuratively speaking this is a deal as good as 2 figgy newtons for the price of 1.

Please post a photo your  FIG-tasitc repaint job. Cant wait to beni-fig from your expertise and advice.


Soon as I finish it.

Also picked up one of the WWF figures: The Rock. Gonna convert it into a Vin Diesel figure...

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20170923_160330.jpg.beb90f2f3d8f5dbcddda39c7cb6274ed.jpg At left, The Rock is not happy about being mistaken for Vin Diesel. Furthermore, now I need another one to convert into El Santo. At center, Stock Harry, with factory paint job, stares blindly into the future with no eyes, and therefore does not wonder why his robe sparkles like a vampire in the sunlight. At right, Harry Repainted has eyes, and therefore realizes that I screwed up the paint on the hem of his robe, a thing I didn't notice until now... but I can fix that. Also need to delineate his fingers better...


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May the frog fairy what sits in the sky grant yer every wish, O noble batrachian.

Regrettably, Sir Forscale is sitting on my desk at work at the moment, and so I humbly offer a selection of alternatives. We begin with a Reaper Bones Graveworm, and alternate between a Nano Metal and a different manufacturer, left to right.

20170924_115444.thumb.jpg.4426d67e04e926a6c866c97a4a27bba9.jpg Nano Metalfigs tend to have oblong oval bases, which can help with identification; my photography remains lousy. But Berni sez she's gettin' me a new phone for my birthday...

Nano figures seem unconcerned with consistent scale; their Hulkbuster Iron Man is only slightly taller than their regular Iron Man, and has a smaller HEAD, due to literally being a different scale. Hagrid is only slightly bigger than Dumbledore. The main Harry Potter figures are children, but they're almost as tall as Professors Dumbledore, Snape, and McGonagall. Newt Scamander, at center in the blue coat, though, is more or less acceptable with 28mm, though I should point out the thick base on the knight at left of him. The Street Fighter and wrestler figures tend to be slightly taller, though this isn't too jarring, considering most wrestlers and superhero types tend to be fairly imposing anyway.

Although I reiterate my feelings about Supergirl's freakishly long legs. Chun-Li, above, is way less disturbing in proportion. Some might call her chunky-legged, but her main move DOES involve kicks, in the video game, and she doesn't make me think of spiders, at least.

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20 minutes ago, Dr.Bedlam said:

 Some might call her chunky-legged, but her main move DOES involve kicks, in the video game, and she doesn't make me think of spiders, at least.


 Actually, in the game itself she's generally portrayed as having legs like a Ukrainian power lifter...


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