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Vegascat rolls the bones again and joins the rainbow dragon challenge


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I decided that since there's no time limit,  that I'd give this fun challenge a go.  I didn't notice the screenshot requirement until it was too late.   I originally rolled:


10 - Imperial Purple

19 - Pure Black

19 - Pure Black


Thankfully doubles get resolved and the second 19 - Pure Black, became:


11 - violet red


Which I didn't have,  but the handy comparison chart allows me to use


Vallejo Game Color 14 - Warlord Purple,


 which looks very close to the Reaper color.   I looked at the P3 Beaten purple,  but it's a dark purple,  not a reddish purple.  


Here's the paint dots next to their respective colors:




I did not roll a dragon because I need to look and see what I have in my box o' Bones.  That will have to wait until tomorrow as I'm working on homework.... Err, supposed to be anyways.   ::D:


*edit* I forgot to add that I'm going to attempt the three star challenge.  Thankfully, I think the warlord purple will allow me to highlight the imperial purple quite nicely.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with the pure black yet.

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Oooh a purple dragon enters the fray! Wonderful! I think these colors will go together well (as scene/goth girls from the 90's and early 2000's demonstrated with mixed results). Purple, black, and pink? Rockin'! 


This has been added to the WIP list! 

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7 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

I was thinking more like this ::P::




....I do not dislike that....  Although that would require more hair and clothes than I have for a dragon. :lol:

I did a quick look through my Bones models and I only have Ma'al and T'Raukul, neither of which I want to use for the challenge.  I'm going to hit my FLGS tomorrow while grocery shopping and see what they have and then go from there.

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Another baby footstep or dragonstep in this case forwards.  I washed, cleaned, and prepped Lavarath and then cut off Kyra's seat, but kept the front part of the seat to put over where the seat was and kinda of act as a shield for the area inbetween his wingblades.  Then I ran into an annoying problem, I couldn't get any kind of glue to work on keeping him together. :(  After the fourth or fifth time, I decided to seal the gaps (which I would have done anyways) with GW liquid greenstuff and that has seemed to work for now.  I'm going to apply another layer or two to help fill in the gaps even more.  I am also not thrilled about the way his tail curves back towards his body as I've knocked it off more than a few times while doing other things. Ironically, the wings fit so snugly that while they won't need any liquid greenstuff, I'm going to put some as gap filler.  Double ironically, this model has been more of a PITA to assemble than Ma'al was.  :lol:  Sorry for the super infrequent updates, but my hobby time has been almost nonexistant due to classes.  I was only able to do this because I needed it for an assignment.  In any case, here's how he is now:






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