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Good luck!!! :bday::bday::bday:

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the big beastie! Since you're attempting to do it in an even more limited amount of time, make sure you take lots of little breaks. This may seem counterintuitive, but trust me, your back and hand will thank you for it. 

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well, I should be painting more, but I just got home from karate and the spirit is willing, but the body is...three quarters dead at this point.

Anyway, what's a WIP without pictures. You can see what the base is looking like at the moment. A bit of dry brushing of various stoney colours knocked much of the shine down, and the details are popping. Also the wings as they looked last night, and the body. I'm a lot further than I have pictures for, but a little behind where I hoped to be at this point, because life got in the way for awhile this afternoon, but I intend to regain most of that tomorrow and wednesday. The good thing is, I am just about done the parts where I can just slop on paint, the bad thing is, I am just about done the parts where I can just slap on paint, the finer details are going to be, frankly, hell on my hands. 





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Woo, looking good so far!! :bday: I like how your terrain turned out, it looks very natural! Are you going for the traditional chromatic head colors?


You can do it!!! Ma'al is a rough tough beastie, but you're rougher and tougher! Sock him in the jaws and kick him in the tail scales! :D



--OneBoot :D

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we are now one hour (and a bit) into day 3 and I think I am winning. Not to get ahead of myself of course, but today I spent the whole day at my desk, with only a few breaks, and lost all track of time. Things like deadlines didn't matter either, I was enjoying myself. Body and wings are mostly done, as are red and black heads. I need a bit of work on the horns on both heads, and I have decided I hate the tongues, so I am going to go over those too, but that's pretty minor. Blue and green and the claws and some more highlighting on the body is my goal for this 24 hour stretch. After that it's white, touch ups, assembly, probably more touch ups, and call it good. 




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Looking really good!

Be wary, that feeling of "everything's going great" generally happens around the midpoint and can subconsciously slow you down and you might start thinking of all these extra steps you can take because things are going so well so you totally have plenty of time......and then a paint mix doesn't work out or you make a big mistake or something comes up in real life and you lose a whole bunch of time unexpectedly. 

You seem to be going about things in a very smart way though and I'm glad to see that you have a list of things to be done as that will definitely help you along. Keep tackling it that way and you've totally got this!

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