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Auberon is Kinda Sorta Taking the Random Rainbow Dragon Challenge!

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So it appears there is a contest going on with a long list of rulz. 


The roll:





But I own none of those paints.  In fact, I own none of the paints on the list, so it is substitution time! :;,;: Can you guess the brand?






So raise your hand if you guessed correctly.  If you did you win a cookie, provided by the contest organizers. :devil: (highly likely their cookies are safe)  It is somewhat hard to tell from the swatch, but I think my paint is actually more intense than the Reaper red.  The ink might end up being a closer match.


Currently I'm thinking of doing the second challenge.  The only thing that might change my mind is if I really don't like a red eye, as it would be my only color option.

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2 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

For eyes and teeth you can use your highlight color like white too ^^


Yes, that's what makes the 2nd challenge easy if you roll white.


A small amount of painting.  One assumes that ink will not paint directly onto Bones so first a mix of ink + paint



And then two heavy washes of ink to create the basecoat. 




Tomorrow I'll shade and re-highlight this wing, time permitting.  If it all goes according to plan then I'll follow the recipe for the rest of the red areas.

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7 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

everyone is allowed to use black and white for shading and highlight shades =) not just if you roll them


Yes, but that is not what I was getting at.  Unlike almost every other thread I've glanced at I am doing the 2* challenge rather than the 3* challenge.  The 2* challenge specifically forbids tidbit colors ie you may "not use colors outside of your rolled ones and shading colors (so no tidbits like beige teeth, only 3 visual colors shaded however you want)."  Hence, as I rolled black, white, and red, my only choice for an eye color is red.  Beige teeth are specifically disallowed, thus the reason I said rolling white made the 2* challenge easy - I can paint them white as a rolled color and then shade my white "warm".  If 2* participants can paint their teeth white because it is their "highlight color" and then make it beige by mixing in something else you would seem to defeat any challenge created by the 2* line.  Also, I would not bother declaring for a 2* challenge and drop down to a no star challenge, because 2* would then just be normal painting.


Note: Even though not specifically allowed in the wording of the 2* challenge, I will be using highlight colors as well.

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Added to the WIP list! 


Don't fret too much on the challenge part - the main goal is fun with colors ::):



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NO, it is the internet!  We MUST ARGUE!!!


I mixed some black into my red and made a wash.  Blocked in:




And then refined a bit:




That took to long for a Bones mini though, so I plan on less refining for the rest of the wings.

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Thanks.  It's mostly the Napthol Crimson showing through.


I tried a bit of an experiment to quickly highlight black, but the result was just too purple.  I first painted the wing arm (or whatever its proper name is) with dioxane purple ink and then washed it with some thin black paint.  Crevices black, highlights purple, but the midtone was too purple to read properly, and any more washing would have just made it black.  Big pic:




And here it is side by side with actual black.




Now both are black to be highlighted normally, but you never know until you try.  Or read a WIP where someone else already tried it.

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Back to the old standby, Shadow Grey.  If you are unfamiliar with Vallejo, it is a decently dark blue-grey color that works pretty well as a black highlight.  Neutrals have a problem of "reading" as stone; the blue shift helps to prevent the mind playing such tricks.  Next it needs an even higher highlight, which will be a lighter blue-grey.  After that It'll be back to black to bring it all together and hopefully ensure that it reads as black rather than dark grey.




And I've just started underneath.  Naturally with the wings being out of direct sunlight they should be darker than the upper part so they both got a shading wash over the entire surface. 



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I decided to block out the rest of my colors. No highlighting or anything at this point.  When I first made my plan black was the first color so I made him a black dragon.  Technically though, the wings have so much surface area that I should have switched my colors to get the proper challenge ratios.



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