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Jasonator is painting Alfyn CROWKILLER

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CK003.thumb.jpg.80266fd350adcd381820f8bb12838627.jpgI started working on this several days ago.  Few Tricky spots (sword sheath wants to be flat against body, bends as you paint.

The piece has some DEEP recesses, and it's going to be fun playing with the darks, shadows and lights.  I experimented on hair and beard

to see what they will look like highlighted.  Some washes will bring those under control.  Think a snow capped plinth, or flowered one might

be in order.  This piece needs a well thought out base !

Here are a couple photo's to show where I am going with him.









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Wow, very cool mini and I love the start you've got.


Are the hand/sword supposed to be at that angle or did it bend? It just seems like an unnatural position for the wrist.

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The hand and sword were one piece, not bent.

Look at it from different angles...The scabbard is the bear,

going to leave that until the end, paint and never touch again..ROFL.

Thanks for responding.


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55 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

That's a very nice Viking sculpt!  ^_^  

Jeg tenker ogso lilblubær  I think it is also littlebluberry !

I just remembered you are also part of the scandisc club with Citrine, and a few others.

I'm going through my Norsk vocabulary again since I want to be in Norge in May.


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Just started to paint again, and, as usual, I got carried away.

This is the direction I am heading in now. 

A bit further advanced...LOL..

Feels good to be at it again.

Oh, wooden base now has a rusty brown stain to it.

Comments/hints, advice, thoughts greatly appreciated at this stage.





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21 minutes ago, robinh said:

ah a screaming Viking crushing the heather on the way to pillage the English village!


I haven't had a great belly laugh like that in over two months, HURT SO GOOD !!!

Thank you.  I'll have to copy down your comment...ROFL.


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