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Lidless Eye Hobbies: Early Orctober

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Orctober got an early start this year, mostly due to me pouring too much green paint when I was doing the base tones on my Bones III Monsters:

First, the actual Orcs!











I liked the thematic continuation of the Orcs from Bones 1. 

Painted with them, and only cousins to the theme of Orctober, come the Hobgoblins!











There were a few frustrating details on these sculpts, and some odd undercuts, but their paint scheme stayed relatively simple.  I don't use Hobgoblins often; I think the only time they've shown up in anything I've run has been premade adventures where they show up as random henchmen.

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2 hours ago, Clearman said:

Is Orctober a thing?  I just may be on board with this!!.

I've mostly seen in on Oldhammer and Middlehammer pages, but it totally seems to be!

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Hmmm.... I just started prepping a handful of orcs for our DnD 5e campaign and I reaallly need to paint something.  Brushes have been dry for 2 months now.

Good paintin on yours

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