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Harlequin Miniatures Helsinian Templars

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Repainted these old miniatures so I could practice some of the skills from the core skill kits. Original paint job was from around 98 when I was a kid and I just slabbed on silver enamel paint over the entire mini. I repainted the Swan knight first and I think I went a little heavy on the highlights. I tried to tone it down a bit on the tower knight and get some contrast on the chainmail. Wish there was some more colors I could have added but unless there are patterns on the armor there's only so much you can do with classic plate armor.  The miniatures themselves are from the old Harlequin Helsinian faction from I think the Raven wargame, with these two from the Helsinian Templars set #2. There is one more that came in the set but I'm missing the shield he came with so I might have to do some alterations to get rid of the little nib on his arm that the shield would attach too. Still after all these years I think the tower heraldry is a little silly.


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      Mission 5 - "Plant Invasion" has the Birds of Prey going up against Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.  Its the first mission with no Batman to chose from.
      I was struggling a bit with this one.  Some of the poses are difficult to paint and I wanted to try and get them as cartoon accurate as I could.  Huntress was particularly difficult because of her outfit and pose.  I'm pretty sure no one I know can come close to mimicking her pose.  I wound up taking these pictures after I glossed them all up, so sorry about that.  I was having some photography difficulty.

      Poison Ivy's skin was a bit darker green than I was shooting for, but it works.

      Harlequin with her pop gun.
      Huntress was a pain.  I swear her chest was 90 degrees to her belt buckle and head.  Plus she has a pretty complex outfit.  
      Batgirl with her black and yellow color scheme.  She has a few good color schemes to chose from, but the black and yellow one has some nice contrast and stands out against the other minis, so that's the one I went with.  
      Black Canary, who was the easiest to paint.  Of course, I ignored her traditional fishnet stockings.  
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      EOE Orbis Presents a Harlequin Miniatures Production     
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      Just finished this for a buddy for tabletop use. Speed painting again, but I wished I had one for myself and I’d done his claws and wing- horns. I can’t find him anywhere, and the only identification was “harlequin”. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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      Two more of the horde,
      These were made by the now deceased Harlequin company.
      Again the snake and purple / red colours.
      Swamp based, water effects are Vallejo Still Water.

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