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Maledrakh's Bones1: Well of Chaos, Altar of Evil,Vampire's Sarcophagus


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These three pieces have been sitting around in a box for ages, I rediscovered them the other day and decided to just have at them. They really did not take more than a few minutes plus drying time each.


170917-reaper-bones-77136-well-of-chaos-  170917-reaper-bones-77136-well-of-chaos-  170917-reaper-bones-77136-well-of-chaos-


77136 Well of Chaos




77139 Altar of Evil





77137 Sarcophagus



The well was filled with a drop of blue and a drop of unshaken green (=blotchy and stripey as the pigments had seperated alittle) vallejo paint.

Just one drop directly from the dropper bottles into the well each, a very gentle stir and leave to dry.

A little touch up around the edges and hey presto! I am pretty chuffed with the result.


The stone is done by black undercoat, dark green/grey over that, heavily drybrushed with sandy yellow and lighter drybrush with offwhite.

Differently coloured glazes help differentiate it a bit where needed.

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