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02967: Alastriel, Elf Sorceress

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I'm also working on a dark elf, and the hair has been giving me trouble as well.  I've been working with the tradition skin tones (Reaper Dark Elf Flesh triad) and traditional white hair.  I started with a dark grey shadow for the hair, didn't like the result so moved to a more purple-ish shadow.  Still not sure if I like it.

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13 hours ago, SirLarpsAlot said:

What's bugging you about the hair?

Well i want a grey-white hair, and thats something i havent paint yet. :blink:

12 hours ago, Clearman said:

I'm also working on a dark elf, and the hair has been giving me trouble as well.  I've been working with the tradition skin tones (Reaper Dark Elf Flesh triad) and traditional white hair.  I started with a dark grey shadow for the hair, didn't like the result so moved to a more purple-ish shadow.  Still not sure if I like it.

Well in trying to give more blue-ish tone, with french blue (vallejo), wich is pretty grey, hope it works >.<.

12 hours ago, Cyradis said:

When I did her as a dark elf (my previous profile) I started on the pale side, and washed in a mid-tone gray. Then I highlighted back up. *shrug*

Mmm, well the way i paint hair is from the darks to the brightest, havent try something like that, could work ::o:, but i dont khrw if i can at this point, because i alredy painted her hair and i really dont want to have tick paint on the hair D:, i will try :lol:. What could go wrong?.



By the way thank you all for your advices ^_^

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If you want grey-white, I'd follow a pattern like Cyradis suggested.

  1. Base coat with Snow Shadow (if you want the blue-grey) or Misty Grey
  2. Shade it with a thinned mixture of Rainy Grey and some blue like winter blue or templar blue. Or a grey brown like driftwood brown
  3. Add some blue liner to whatever your darkest shade color is and put that in where the hair meets the head
  4. highlight back up starting with your misty grey/snow shadow and go to pure white. Make sure your pure white highlight is small.


The trick to step 4 is to thin your paint so it's easier to blend, but to wipe most of the paint off the brush to give yourself more control. The other trick is to start the misty grey/snow shadow only thinned a little and add more water as you highlight further. This helps you blend the darks to the lights cuz the thicker paint covers better. The trick, overall, for this, is to keep your shades off your highlights. This will help keep the whites whiter with less work.

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    • By R2ED
      I love me some weekend painting! 
      Got another one from the 90's batch of Ral Partha's.  This one is a Drow Elf.  Was feeling like trying some of the darker skin tones after watching another RVE on it.  Feels pretty good!
      * Skin combo: Black Brown, Black Red, Orange Red.  Used in conjunction with one another.  The highlights are still on the darker side, but you can still make out muscle and shape.  Win!
      *  Used copper/brown combo to bring this guy to life.  Feels very warm, but still needs some kind of "pop" color somewhere.  I tried to make that happen on the fletchings on the bolts, but feels like it needs more.
      *  Gradient work on the weapon.  I was trying to think of it radiating heat, since this is the underdark afterall.  I wasn't able to pull off a glowing effect or OSL, but it seems like it works.  
      *  The face - getting the mustache, side burns, and eyes to really pop was fun.  I feel VERY happy about the eyes.  
      *  Not wild about the accessories colors.  
      *  Questioning the color chosen for the sword.
      *  Was messing around a few times on what parts were wood, metal, or otherwise on the crossbow.  Meh.
      *  Hair is still an area I struggle with.  I did 3 layers on this one.  Deep grey, light grey, white.  I feel it comes out strong, but not super good on showing definition or volume in the hair. 
      Always open to any feedback anyone has.
      I'm also curious to think of what kind of base to put this guy on.  Any thoughts?

    • By Glitterwolf
      This is a vintage mini, Grenadier Dragonman Sorcerer, I got it from a BOGW a few years ago.
      I will use him as a Demon Officer in my Children of the Grave army, because I think he looks a bit like a classic Demon.

    • By Werkrobotwerk
      I had started this meaning to use it for the reapercon quad color clash. But I took too long and then decided it need another 3 colors. So technically it's 7 color. Mint green vampire mist, dungeon grey, some old hd blue who's label fell off, carbon grey, shadowed stone, golden glow. 

    • By Conan the Painter
      I already have the human blacksmith, but I wanted another blacksmith.  Unfortunately I applied the paint to thick at parts (which didn't really help the fact that her face was kinda just a tiny glob already) but Ive got a wet palette that Ill be trying to use next time.  I'm also absolutely awful at painting female faces, they always look ridiculous once I paint them haha.  Anyways, and criticisms and advice are always welcome

    • By 72moonglum
      So some times you just done get things finished with the deadline you have imposed on yourself and this elf was one of those self-imposed deadlines. I wanted to have her done by Christmas, but just got too busy with other miniatures and other things.  I got this figure if I recall last Christmas when I won her with some others on a Reaper Christmas Giveaway on Twitch.  
      Here she is:

      Always thought she was a cute little figure.  The other ones I want but they haven't sold them for a few Christmasses now are the two elves, naughty and nice.  But one of these days I'm sure they will pop up again.
      Anyhoos, enjoy, happy belated Christmas and New Year!
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