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7 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

I've yet to try it on any significant armor piece, and that's worrying me. I'm getting happier with my NMM on weapons though. Still, it is incredibly tedious. 


It's just another aspect of painting to practice. I just did two armored figures where it turned out okay, but not spectacular. I did another figure though a few months back where the armor looks way too grey. 

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14 hours ago, 72moonglum said:

Yeah, have been working on that for years, and that continues to be hit and miss for me. I think it has a lot to do with the color I start out with. If you start out with an Ashen Blue it's more probable if will turn out better.  But of course there is always the shading and highlighting to make it look decent as well. It just never ends...

Sigh, same here.   I've tried mixing in surrounding colors as well to hit and miss results.

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