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Paint with Ludo In Atlanta! (Oct 13th-15th)

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So I'll be traveling to Atlanta for the 2017 TCGPlayer.com Realms Open Championship World Cup October 13th-15th. Its a free event. While it is mostly the Heroclix tournament, I'm just the setup/tear down guy so I'll be painting most of the weekend. We'll be having the Southeast Gundam Club visiting Saturday and I'll be running a Paint-N-Take Sunday from 11am till about 5pm. For more info, go to :http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=553979

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So, go to Atlanta. Get home. Sleep, shower, pack... Go to ReaperCon...?


Ahh... to be young again! :)


You painting your CavCon stuff while you're there? Streaming...?


Be safe!



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I get a full day in between......


Home to have my CAV stuff mostly done by then. ...


We'll be in the main convention hall so I doubt streaming will happen. 

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    • By EvilJames
      I said I would post this months ago, but never got around to taking the pictures. This is one of the Paint n takes I did at What Khan in November. He's a little slap dash as I just wasn't patient enough to let him dry properly between steps, but I think he looks alright.

      Comments? Criticisms? Deep seated fears?
    • By EvilJames
      This was another mini I did at Odyssey con in April. I don't remember the company any more even though the Paint n take people told me who it was.  He's from Micropanzer Very quick simple tabletop job. He'll fill in for many small multi-armed creatures of weird origins. possibly the most useful paint n take.
    • By EvilJames
      This guy was done a while ago, but I just never got around to posting him. He was done at Odyssy Con in Madison at their paint n take back in April. Unfortunately I don't know who makes him. The people at the paint n take couldn't remember where he came from but thought he might be Iron Wind. Anyone have any ideas?
      I really like how he turned out particularly since I painted him in a little over an hour.
      Edit: Man he was really uncooperative to photograph. I need better lighting and maybe some actual dullcoat.
    • By Bonwirn
      I was wondering if any of the other forumites are planning to head to Atlanta for CMON Expo? I am currently on the fence and am needing a nudge one way or the other.
      www.cmonexpo.com for the info
    • By Dilvish the Deliverer
      So I'm going to be in Norway next week for work.  I'm not sure how much free time I will end up having as the scope of work changes (for the worse) with every day.  But I wouldn't mind meeting up with any forum-ites who happen to be in the Bergen area.  I still haven't decided if I am bringing my travel paint set or not, so I'm not sure about a paint day, but I'm down for meeting for dinner or a drink somewhere.
      Also, if there is anywhere in particular that I should visit while I am there, feel free to offer suggestions.  Again I'm not sure how much time I will have for sightseeing, but better to have ideas and not time then to have time and no ideas.
      Thanks and looking forward to the trip.
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