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Five Heads in Five Days Ma'al Drakar and Me.

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So, as some of you know, Buglips a long time back challenged himself to paint a massive figure in under a week, then others on the forums took up the challenge as well Offical Rules can be found Right Here Well, when Ma'Al Drakar the Dragon Tyrrant was first introduced, I joked that our resident Goblin should try all five heads in five days. The Goblin was smarter than that. I however, am not. As you can see here, I began this just under five days ago. Now here are the less than stellar completion pictures. I am satisfied now, I have done all I can in the alloted time, Oh sure there are always little things I might have done better, and a few things I am going to do with it now that the challenge is finished, like when the weather improves give it a few dozen layers of sealer so I never ever have to put brush to it again, but by the terms and conditions of the challenge it is finished.






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I have to admit, these 7-day/size-0 challenges make my head hurt. I'm glad y'all have fun with them, but I'd have an aneurysm if I tried to do that.


Maybe with a larger brush.


That said, congratulations. The eyes look great, and I really love the base...colorful stone is always good to see!

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