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Christmas is coming


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I have several minis that I have been collected during the Christmas sales that I would like to display this year.  For display, they need to be painted!  Here is the start of 2 of them.  


My desk lamp died today, so I apologize for the quality of photos. Questions, comments, and critique are welcome.  




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Rob: I have not fancy plans for display... yet.  I need to figure out what I desire to display together.  I have these, the rest of the familiars, I think 2 dragons with presents, father Christmas and Christmas eve and Christmas Knight.  So the real question, is do I want a full display with all of them plus the ability to expand, or a smaller display.  Do I want a static on or on where I can move the minis around on?  I am going to thing about it while I paint them.  I might end up putting these on a 1 in base and then creating a full diorama later with lift out pieces. 


Kangaroorex:  It is coming!  


I was working on other pieces this week more than this group,but managed a bit on Santa dwarf.  I really should do his skin next.  I am failing at the in to out deal.  




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Very nice Rob.  I don't think I have that kind of space.  I do have some cases used to display baseballs or model cars.  I might do a diorama in there. 


 I haven't worked on the seal,  I kind of hit a road block and am not sure where I want to go from there.


Did some work on Santa.  His skin tone was way to light so I washed it, trying  avoid repainting in a darker color. and I am not sure that I succeeded in my quest.  I don't know if I should build up the highlights and just give the shadows a few more washes or start the skin over.  Comments and criticism are welcome.  


Lesser Gnome's Thopus in the background, because he has similar colors and I am working on him on the same time.  



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