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Sculpting and casting

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It's been a long time since I posted anything here, I've been busy learning about new materials and especially casting the new materials, which is resin. Casting resin is a whole new world to learn, you can get the same results as with wax, but unlike wax that can just be attached to a tree and burnt out cleanly, resin needs more prep work: Some needs curing under uv-light, some curing + annealing (which is basically boiling the prints), some cannot be in contact with water and so on. Been taking baby steps and have slowly changed the variables and I'm finally starting to get pretty decent casts. Now I'm able to produce unique items without having to create a mold first (and cast those more complex patterns that cannot be molded at all) ::D: 


Here's a design done in Zbrush:




Castable resin prints (this one is called Cr3a, it's good with big patterns):




Cast in 925-silver. This is what it looks like before filing or polishing:




And here's the pre-polish, going to finish this next week:




If you have any questions and you can't see me lurking around here,

feel free to contact me through Facebook.

Happy sculpting!

~Julia von Pfaler


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@Kang Thanks, it turned out pretty good. I need to tweak the sprue placement just a little bit, there were some mild porosity, which would be nice to eliminate completely ::): The printers have evolved to produce a really good quality and are easy to use, been a lifesaver...or hand/wrist saver.


@TaleSpinner Hey, thanks! I have the original Photon and then a BlueCast's printer called Cr3ator. Both are great. Using Photon for prototyping and then Cr3ator is for the castable prints and for master patterns.

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