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WARPOD: The Battle Of Junker Forge


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About this project

...are you ready for this? ...are you ready for this?

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the first of The Warpod Databanks. WARPOD: The Battle of Junker Forge. Flytrap Factorys latest kickstarter campaign set in its whimsically robotic universe.

Warpod is a narrative tabletop skirmish game for 2+ players involving two or more robotic armies clashing in a bitter struggle for dominion over the moon of Destron. The rulesystem accompanying our developing range of miniatures has been designed with enough depth and elegance to satisfy the most discerning tastes, yet young-person friendly enough to appeal to budding apprentice commanders.

(Please note that miniatures in this campaign are made of white metal and resin, some items will require assembly and glue (not included), these are gaming pieces not toys and not recommended for persons under 13 years of age.)


The Warpod story is set on the backwater moon of Destron, far flung deep in the forgotten reaches of known space. Discovered by denizens of the local galactic populace only recently (as in the last thousand years) Destron was identified as a fertile moon, rich with resources ripe for the plunder. Consent for claiming rights were quickly rubber stamped by systemic authorities and a transportable automated colonial habitat was dispatched via freighter mere months later. Despite an interstellar war which had been raging in this sector for decades the freighter arrived intact and the hab unit was dropped from high orbit where it successfully made planetfall.

Within days the first programmable operating devices or PODs had emerged from the hab and set about the task of surveying and establishing a beach head of sorts for gradual development and satellite expansion. The PODs provided a small, inexpensive but highly functioning and reliable robotic workforce and were used throughout the galaxy by leading corporations bent on charting the stars and milking the unexplored depths of space for lucrative mining prospects  

RIGGER Commanders MkACER and PATRON (Josh Qualtieri/Alex Nelson) RIGGER Commanders MkACER and PATRON (Josh Qualtieri/Alex Nelson)

Each of these patented automated habitats housed a workforce of one hundred PODS, each designated into one of 4 distinct programmed classes or functions. The RG-3 unit was a construction POD whose function was to build infrastructure and setup the factories, machine shops and mining installations in key location across the moon.

The TR-7 unit was a science bot of sorts with a dual affinity towards technical design and construction, the TR units would design the various machines and equipment needed to traverse the moons environs and the equipment necessary to harvest it.

A small selection of 2nd Generation miniatures (Rigger Combat Brick with 'Clunk' Main Battle Crate) A small selection of 2nd Generation miniatures (Rigger Combat Brick with 'Clunk' Main Battle Crate)

The WK-9 unit was designated the laborer POD of the robotic populace, with programming substantially less specialised or advanced than its sibling PODs. The job of the WK-9 was to provide the muscle required to mine the moon itself and to operate the heavy machinery needed to do so, indirectly the WK unit was built to be stronger, more durable and better able to weather the extremes of Destron than its counterparts.

The Spires of Junker Forge reach to the heavens (Josh Qualtieri/ Alex Nelson) The Spires of Junker Forge reach to the heavens (Josh Qualtieri/ Alex Nelson)

The last designation was programmed in the CN-6 units, their function... security. Given the warring state of many of the galactic systems it was deemed necessary by the bean counters to house within an automated colony an insurance on their investment, a force capable of providing a defensive measure against hostile encounters be they native to the environment they inhabit, or foreign like many of the roving pirate bands that plagued the space-faring trade routes.

The colonisation of Destron was a text book operation. The RG units were quick to setup the first mechanical manufacturing construct, and in short order the techshops had begun churning out the thousands of replicant PODs required to facilitate expansive colonisation.

Pledge today and support the war effort (message authorised by Rigger High Command) Pledge today and support the war effort (message authorised by Rigger High Command)

Within three years the city sized mechanical and technical manufacturing construct along with an adjoining seaport for offshore drilling operations, a starport for docking interstellar resource freighters and a fully functioning logistical mining hub was complete. This land spanning iron behemoth was named Junker Forge and it would become the moons capital habitat and the central point of conflict in this early stage of the long war to come.

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