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Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures


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While I am interested in Starfinder, my husband is very interested. 


The 'resin' minis that Ub3r and others have gotten have belied my fears for the material. 


Im still a bit more concerned about furfillmemt. The stretch goals seem low. As if to try to pull in as many All in pledges as possible. We will see.

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i'm in for 100 now.  somewhat hesitantly too.  I feel like i'm taking a risk here.


Update: feeling like the risk is a little less.  I just got a shipping notice for my order from August.

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I received my first shipment of minis.  they seem to be in good condition from a cursory look.  i'm not following the whole ship and they're done thing so i'm a little confused on what to expect when.  but honestly, I don't have cycles to worry about it.  this is different from the hasslefree ks - I REALLY wanted those minis.  a bit less so with these.


- elf operative

- space goblins

- half-orc soldier

- dwarf soldier

- half-elf operative

- seelah

- human thief

- candy

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I was a late backer so maybe that explains why I'm completely out of the loop here. I received an elf operative (1 of 2 models I ordered) out of the blue a few days ago, then just today got an email stating that the elf was shipping today. So I guess I'll find out in a few days if mine time-traveled or if I'm getting extras :wacko:


The email also mentioned tracking but didn't provide a link--maybe they normally provide tracking, but aren't on the KS orders?

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