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Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

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We backed the project and are somewhat early on the backer list (although less early on finishing the pledge manager). Haven't received anything yet, although we're expecting to from both waves 1 and 2


If it meant our resin had fully cured by the time it got here, I'd happily take it... it's not like the problems with a Ninja Division kickstarter were a surprise. We were already expecting to get everything late late late.

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I lost most of my goodwill towards Paizo about session two of the playtest for the second edition of Pathfinder.   The new Pathfinder is going to stink on ice.   Grump, of all peop

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6 hours ago, JoeGKushner said:


From a facebook post by Jared Ewertovski of Archon


"In the spirit of the article below, as a manufacturer of miniatures for Ninja Division, I can officially state that Starfinder and Relick Knights 2 will NOT be delivered. Ninja Division owns Archon money for entire! Starfinder manufacturing (delivered and what's in the warehouse) Relics Knights (entirely manufactured and stored in our warehouse) and a few more delivered projects like Humble Bundle (entirely delivered). At this stage, we are searching for legal advice in the USA to help us out in recovering at least a fraction of costs we accommodated with manufacturing for Ninja Division. We are also, speaking with Paizo about finding some solution for backers but I would not count on it as Ninja Divisions stated to us that their bank account is dry as a desert. Anyway, an official Archon statement will be out within a few days. Sorry for the bad news."

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I'm glad I only sprung for the blue dragon from starfinder...minimal damage, but a reallllly nice looking mini. Wonder if Archon will allow the backers to recover their miniatures at least by some pay system? I'm not happy about this, but would rather get SOMETHING for a little extra..

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4 minutes ago, Sylverthorne said:


Correction. Paizo helped to form Goblinworks.

Right now, I don't have a lot of good will for Paizo, for largely unrelated reasons. This new mess doesn't help. >.<


I lost most of my goodwill towards Paizo about session two of the playtest for the second edition of Pathfinder.


The new Pathfinder is going to stink on ice. ::(:


Grump, of all people, tried to be optimistic. That's like Eyore trying to sing Zippidoodah.



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Paizo have backed a couple of turds in recent times with Goblinworks and now Ninja Division. ND in particular had a couple of red flags that any half-decent background checking would have uncovered.


Unfortunately what it means now is Paizo backing a project means nothing to me as I can’t trust their judgment of who they partner with.

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It's going to be interesting to see what happens after the bonfire of failure finishes consuming the project. If Archon claims they've made miniatures for the project, I think they'd own them but I don't think they can sell most of it without licenses (in this kickstarter's case, from Paizo). Paizo wants to make people happy but I don't know how much money they're willing to spend on this. And Ninja Division... I have no idea what they would want at this point. Money for creditors? A narrow window through which they can crawl back to solvency? To prevent other people from profiting from the fruits of their failed kickstarters? And to make things even more complex, only Ninja Division has the records of who gets what. It's not like Paizo or Archon could make backers partially whole since they have no idea who the backers are. So whoever wants to try to fix this has to at least make nice with Ninja Division long enough to get the backer data out of the pledge manager.


I hope someone figures out a way to do something with those minis, though. For all that quality control was crap, some of them actually turned out really nice.


I imagine Paizo did the best due diligence they could. Given how small Paizo is, though, and the obvious result, it looks like that wasn't very much due diligence at all. I wonder how they're going to respond to the failure of the kickstarter? At least Goblinworks generated a functional product of some sort, incomplete though it may have been. This is a much bigger disaster, with unhappy backers and a shiny new game system that's going without miniatures. Since they invented many of these races and a bunch of the monsters out of whole cloth, that makes Starfinder a hard game to find miniatures for! If Pathfinder 2 doesn't do well at release then the lack of Starfinder support is going to be an even bigger challenge.

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All I can say I'm soooo glad I didn't back this one (nor Pathfinder Online, thou I did back for the pdf of the setting which I got of course). I still don't understand why Paizo picked ND with their history of no shows & such. There are so many other mini companies that could have easily taken the Starfinder license & made something for it. Pawns are nice, but actual miniatures look so much better on a game table.

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It's very confusing. My guess is they wanted prepaints and ND were one of the only companies willing to do that.


I've mentioned this before but we went in a tiny little bit. I've gotten three minis so far, which... for the $50 I went in for, means I spent $16.67 per mini. So I've got a lot less reason to complain than a lot of backers. At least it beats Warhammer prices...

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