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Painting supply question -yellow flat sponge?


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At ReaperCon, one of the classes gave us these yellow circles that when wet act as a thin sponge holding water and make it easy to wipe or re-wet our brushes.

I remember that the teacher said that its something you can get at home depot but for the life of me I cant remember what it is called.


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2 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:

Could it have been chamois?  It's a sort of yellow car detailing cloth, could have been cut up into lots of little circles.  

That's what I'm thinking.


Also known as a shammy or the ShamWow.


Originally leather, now they're synthetic lint free cloths that absorb and retain water really well.

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If you search for 'Soldering station cleaning sponge' on eBay you'll find a lot of 3mm thick sponges that happens to be yellow... 

Could that be it?

Those are usually prety hard until they're wet...

(Or so I seem to remember. I threw mine away many years ago. Nog going to ruin more soldering iron tips with them. )


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