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Wyrd Gremlinette


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So the BOGW arrived here earlier this week, and caused a whole bunch of trouble....


The very first mini I pulled out of the box, is the one this wip is about....


The same thing happened last year when I pulled an anthropomorphic duck from that box.......


So I cleaned her up, primed her, base coated the skin with WC Olive 5, put some WC one coat Beige in her eyes, then some WC Red 1 over that...

and there it stands for the moment...



Wonder if I can get her done by con....

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My Malifaux itch was scratched by finding the wide variety Reaper had.  I have a middling size posse for Parker Barrows, but there are a lot of bits and pieces to some and without someone else to play the game with my interest faded and they occupy some space in my storage room.  The cards are still sleeved and it would be easy enough to bring it back to the table.  Mostly, though, they are guarding the doors of my immortality.


Looking at that figure, thought, I can think of a good place where it may end up...

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