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Gnolls: Bones vs Frostgrave size comparison


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17 hours ago, Zink said:

Had thoughts of making some sort of a warband using them as ogre equivalents with the Frostgrave ones as human equivalents.

This sounds like a solution for those who want flinds (Reaper gnolls as flinds, Frostgrave gnolls as gnolls).

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12 minutes ago, ManvsMini said:


If I had a nickel for every idea I had, I'd have like... $9... wow, I really thought I'd have more than that.


If we're talking good ideas I'm not sure I'd make a buck fifty but I do have moments.

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I did end up with the Reaper Bones gnolls, Wizkids is just too unreliable to get here. Unpainted is available months after the "official" release and good luck if something goes out of stock.


Frostgrave would have been great because of the variety each set comes with, and I'll need huge numbers of gnolls later in the campaign. But I'm happy with my Reaper gnolls, even though the players defeated them in two turns or so :lol:  I'll take a picture later if I remember to do so.

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