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No, I'm not neutering a 5 headed dragon, I'm fixing the sloppiness that occurred on Ma'al Drakar due to the time crunch during my 7 day challenge. 

First things first:





Those aren't spots I missed, those are spots that I just spent the last few hours scraping with an x-acto to remove the mold lines that I'd missed. 

Yes, it was absolutely as heartbreaking to do as you think it was. 


I thought someone might find some use in seeing how I'm going about reworking things in my attempt to bring this beastie to Reapercon. 

So the destruction's done, next step, patching things up and continuing working on the mold lines I couldn't scrape off. 

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Ok so I'm working on sections bit by bit. First things first, gotta get rid of these mold lines. 



Ugh, look at all of them! Not a problem though, thanks to an extremely useful tip from Jessica Rich. 



So I alternated between coats of GW 'Ardcoat (slopped on somewhat heavily along the mold lines) and my base colour, S75 Eldandil Violet. I didn't keep track of how many times I went over them. It was several times. But look how much better we're looking!



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I congratulate on the courage you are showing by tackling this beast again!  It had to be very painful to scrape down all that lovely work.

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I made a pretty big oopsies last night and just about completely carved this tooth off. 




So this morning I mixed up a little bit of greenstuff and did my best to fix it back up. 





I think it turned out pretty ok. 

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The end result will be even more amazing. Kudos to you for going back and fixing the beast to be put into the contest at the con!

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Nice work!, I know it is difficult to go back to rework stuff on a finished piece.  Kudos for all you forthcoming efforts.



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Thanks, guys, I really appreciate the encouragement!


i took a break for a while because I had to remind myself that I'm not still in the middle of the 7 day challenge. :lol:

I made some more progress though. 


This mold line was particularly gnarly. 







And 4 of the heads (I'm leaving the yellow one alone so the greenstuff can fully cure so I don't create even more rework for myself) I started out with repairing with the 'Ardcoat and Brown Liner. 



And here they are re-basecoated. 



I mostly tried to preserve highlights wherever possible, but I knocked out most of the highlights on the orange head because he looked decent in pictures, but was patchy and streaky in person, so I don't mind doing a bit more rework on him. I also knocked out most of the highlights on the wine coloured head because I wasn't happy with how he'd turned out either. 


Next up im going to work on repairing the necks. 



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Good on you for tearing Ma'al apart to make some improvements!:winkthumbs:


That had to be pretty scary; 'what the hell am i doing?'

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Continuing mold line repair. 


So this started like this:



Now it looks like this:



This part is really bad:



I carved some more away but it's a really awkward area:



Now it looks like this:


The Brown Linered parts will get metallic paint later. 


This neck started out like this:



And is now looking like this:





All of these areas should look better once the highlighting's back in. That's my hope anyway. 



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that's a lot of mold lines that have disappeared!   I will have to bookmark this so I can find them when I do Mal

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1 hour ago, robinh said:

that's a lot of mold lines that have disappeared!   I will have to bookmark this so I can find them when I do Mal

I would highly recommend spending as much time as you can stomach on the mold lines at the start, then Brown Liner and spend even more time on them. 

I'm not sure at this point what I purposefully skipped to save time and what I legitimately didn't see until after the paint was already down. 


I feel pretty good about where the scales are now on this head. Obviously I still need to do the spikes an mouth, but the scales are probably done. 





I think the head and neck match up better now than they did before. 

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