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Tzeentch Pink Horrors


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On 10/1/2017 at 1:36 AM, Guildenstern said:

Now u just have to do, what is it? 18? Blue horrors? :p

Nah, they work differently now. It's optional to split them when they die, and you have to have the points available in reserve to bring the new models out (at least, this is how it works in 40k). You should be ok with something approaching a 3:2:2 ratio for Pink:blue:brimstone in most cases - assuming you'd never have all of any single horror type dead. 


For 12 Pinks, I'd assume 8-10 Blues and 8-10 Brimstones, and assume that a) some pinks would still be on the field while blues were also, and b) some blues would die and be replaced by Brims freeing up blues for when your last few pinks die

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