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Which one is your favorite CAV?


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The WSO only adds his bonus to the Target Lock for attempting to gain Target Lock. Only the actual modifier listed on the Data Card adds to the RAV.


The other modifiers, for example the +1 for being within 12" and being stationary, for TL also only apply to the TL roll and not the RAV modifier.

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We played our first CAV battles, after being demoed at Reapercon, last night. The Rhino is a frightening thing to behold, and the Dictators have a lot of firepower, but are vulnerable. What suprised me was the firepower/points ratio of the Stiletto and the toughness of the Hunter tanks.

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I believe the way it is worded (not sure as I dont have my book) is that the WIZZO adds his mods to the Target Lock ROLL. Not to the target lock itself. The actual target lock number is then added to the weapons damage if a target lock is achieved.

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Definately Jer. Good quoting :o)


Steven, the Hunter isn't a bad tank by any means, but there are other MBT's which put it to shame somewhat. Might I suggest you look at the Naginata or even the Despot? :o)


The Stilletto is a crafty little blighter, but I've only fielded it's brother the Sabre so I haven't fully checked it out yet :o)


Dictators, as in the stock poster Dictator, is only possessing of average armour (+2) as standard. This means that it goes down a little easier than something with the above average +3... and against a Rhino, use terrain and range to your advantage else you get a white hot poker where the sun don't shine....


..that hurts :o)

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If you haven't had experience with tanks, any 3 armor, 4 DT tank is going to look tough. Look at the cheapest 3 armor CAV (Tyrant, Knight, ewwww, then the Starhawk at 307 points). Compared to a CAV, a Hunter is cheap toughness. Compared to a better tank tho, it doesn't look so good.


The Stiletto is the cheapest +5 vs hard gun in the game. A bit slow, but a nasty stinger. Hmmmm. Stiletto gun on a Sabre chassis... still only 97 points... hmmmmm.



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"But I'm cool, and I deserve a BL Dictator, too."


<Add Sarcasm here>"Is that gonna win me one???"

I tried already zeek hotep... even resorted to PMing...


Who knows, I get lucky somtimes...

Like a BL Rep here is selling me stuff half priced, Used, but a good stripping and new paint job, no one will know the diffenrences.

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Until reading this post i have never heard of a "B.L dictator"....hmm...looks like i've been kept in the dark....


(a)does it look any different???


(b)whats the stats difference??


© considdering i'm B.L.....why have i not heard of it???


the more things change the more they stay the same!!!


snowstorm....making warfare look like poetry in motion....even when kept in the dark :wow:

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I play, well I will be playing with 9-10 Dictators in my Mercs...


Alpha One – Rhino


Pilot: COL. Gabriel E. Sandova

Call Sign: "Razor"

Tech: CPT William G. Dandridge

Call Sign: "Junkman"


The BL Dictator would make a Great CAV for my XO !!!

Bravo One – Mastodon


Pilot: MAJ Ada L. Vaahn

Call Sign: "Pean"

Tech: 1st LT Paul S. Saints

Call Sign: "Hound"

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