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By itself this figure is 02863: Female Werewolf by James van Schaik, but to be clear I got mine as part of the set 03495: DHL Classics: Lady Lycanthropes. I have two copies, but of course they are sold singly.


It's an evocative little figure, with a slim build and fur suggestive of long hair. The tail is a separate piece which was too thin for my pinning skills, so it is simply glued on.


I decided to paint these two in realistic wolf style. - That is, colored as real wolves would be, though distorted.


After cleaning up mold lines, I prepared them by priming thinly with Titanium White and washing over with Burnt Umber.



I also threw a quick green on the bases mixed from Yellow Oxide, Hansa Yellow and a small amount of Carbon Black (yellow + black is a fun and unexpected way to make bright greens!).



Those broccoli bases caused me endless trouble.  Note the tiny white specks on them?  Those are tiny pits where the paint didn't take. I will eventually come to spend all sorts of time poking with specially thinned paint and tiny brushes trying to eliminate those white spots.

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I decided to paint one of the werewolves as a grey wolf and the other more reddish.


I was painting them along with some more realistic wolf figures, and using photos for reference.DSC_0228-reference-pix.jpg.5c13bc6b2f2087603b5b5d9bacaf0aa0.jpg


I started with a neutral grey mixed from Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, and Titanium White.  I first laid in a medium light tone for the undertones on the belly and legs of the grey werewolf.





Then I used a medium dark mix of the same color for the back and darker parts of the pelt.







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To warm up the tones I mixed a yellowish buff color from Yellow Oxide, Burnt Sienna, just a tiny bit of Ultramarine Blue to tone down the firey orange undertones, and a lot of Titanium White.


I brushed it lightly over the belly and limbs of the grey werewolf.




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I took that same warm buff color (mixed in the previous post) and laid it on the belly and limbs of the reddish werewolf. I also mixed a reddish fur color from the same colors, but different proportions: a lot of Burnt Sienna, some Yellow Oxide, a dab of Ultramarine Blue to grey down the orangeish undertones, and some Titanium White.


Using the same pigments makes it easier to make harmonious colors.




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I took some straight Carbon Black and painted their eye sockets, noses, lips, and claws.





I mixed a paler green from Hansa Yellow and Carbon Black and brushed it over the bases.  As you can see, I am still having trouble with white unpainted pits showing.




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I mixed a brighter green by taking mostly Hansa Yellow and adding just a small amount of Carbon Black to it and added more to their bases.


Then I mixed a bright pink from Red Iron Oxide, Quinacridone Crimson, and Titanium White and painted their mouths with it.



I painted their teeth with a cream yellow mixed from Titanium White and Yellow Oxide.


From the rear you can see they are sort of standing on tiptoe but have some kind of rock wedges behind their feet. Maybe they weren't quite stable without them, I don't know. Anyhow, I painted them black and will try to blend them into the bases.




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I took a shadow mix of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue plus a drop of isopropyl alcohol, in the hopes that it would sink into the pinholes in the base, and went over the dang things multiple times.



I also washed a bit of thinned Carbon Black over her dark grey fur to bring out the texture. (There's a white spot in her mane I didn't yet get in this photo.)

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I painted in the eyes and mouths.


The eyes already had black eye sockets.


I laid in the irises (you can't really see wolves' scleras) with a pale yellow mixed from Titanium White and Yellow Oxide.


Then I glazed over them with a bright Hansa Yellow.


A light wash of Burnt Umber gave them golden brown tones.


Then I painted the pupils with pure Carbon Black and the reflected lights with Titanium White.


I washed Burnt Umber over their mouths to tone down the very pink gums and the very white teeth.


Lastly I picked out the teeth highlights with the same pale yellow I used first on the irises.












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I painted some highlights in a grey mixed from Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White, but felt it was too blue.






I toned it down with a wash of Burnt Sienna mixed with a tiny bit of Ultrmarine Blue to take the fire out of it.  I also washed thatover her lighter fur for some shading (which will be further highlighted later).





The nice thing about this layering is even thought the colors are fairly simple, each new layer adds complexity to the fur.



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I washed some of the same transparent Burnt Sienna slightly dulled with a little Ultramarine Blue over the white belly fur and legs of the red female werewolf as well, and brushed a small amount of goldish-red mixed from Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre over her hair. (I think I added the tiniest amount of Titanium White too, too give it just a little kick of opacity.)





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