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Time to start painting again. Figured I'd pick up where I left off, and that is with (the old) Learn to Paint Kit #5. The dwarf is painted, but I never got around to the paladin before moving cross-country. So here she is, bare:


And primed:


I thought posting a WIP would help me track my progress a bit better, and force me to not chicken out of finishing her up. I'm still a beginner, after all.

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She'll be a fun one! I did her this spring as part of my coming-out-of-hiatus re-learning curve. 


A WIP thread will definitely help. People tend to be eager to give feedback and pointers to beginners :poke:

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Behold, the undercoating:



This wasn't easy. The dark blue/brown went down first, then Oiled Leather for what will be golden. Then another go with the blue to cover up all the spots I accidentally got Leather on. <_< I don't think I'll be able to get the dark spots in the chain the same as the instructions show, it's simply beyond my current abilities.


It was surprising to see the details pop out when the light brown went on, I wasn't always sure what I was working toward beforehand. I suppose another touch up will be in order before proceeding further (and hopefully fix those boots), then it's on the the fun stuff. 


As an aside, the kit has you paint this mini and Dain Deepaxe the dwarf in basically the same colors. I painted Dain a couple years ago and it went surprisingly well. Rasia is quite a challenge in comparison, but it feels good making it this far after so long.

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Basecoats are done! Outside of the metallics, the instructions give free reign for colors. So, rather than copy the manual exactly I've decided to go with a light brown for her non-armored parts. And, since I happen to have the red hair triad available, I decided to experiment with them. So here she is, now in Carrot Top Red:




Some touching up up is still needed, then it will be time to get to work for real. Any hints at this juncture would be greatly appreciated.

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Basecoats all done, some parts washed and/or highlighted. It was only after applying the Auburn Shadow wash to her hair that I noticed the mold line running down her left side :(. Not gonna chance wrecking my work though, this is for practice after all. 


Scaly bits were painted with Ruddy Leather, washed with Walnut Brown, and then highlighted. I overdid the front though and washed out the shadowed cracks. Same wash went on the weapon and the base. 


All thats left left is to highlight the metallics and hair. After that, fixing the face. It's nice to see I still can't do eyes.


Apologies for the poor pics:



She's getting there.

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And highlights:




I think she’s basically done. A couple places to touch up and then a matte finish and that’s that. Wish I had learned to do eyes better, but it’s beyond my ability to do with the brushes I have. The demi-metallics were the focus of this lesson, so I hope they turned out okay. 


I am happy with the red hair triad, though it came out a bit more orange than I’d anticipated. 


All in all, it was a lot to recall but most of my technique returned eventually. It got easier, and the paint job is better for it. The next one should be much less sloppy. 

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