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Making Max's Minions Redux! a WiP Thread.

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So, I'm getting close to finishing up this Project. Also, my olde thread for this was from before the Great PhotoBucket Fiasco. So I'm redoing this thread using my new Imgur account! Behold my Bad Paint Jobs and Despair!! Or Not;)


First up the Ani-Pals!



Dog I






Dog IV



Bare the Bear Companion





Dawg the Ranger, "Leader" of the Ani-Pals!



Sting the Pixie Rogue!



Salle Goblin Sorceress!



Kildrick the Dwarven Cleric!


Gonna post the rest in the next post so I don't hit Image Max Limits.




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Now for updated Pictures of some of Max's Minions!









Bullock Boernoak Human Psion!



Stasi Xen Human Fighter! Early WiP picture!


The rest that need done...


-Dog II

-Al Owlbear Companion


So, this project is getting close to done. Hoping to get this to the Minions by the end of the year!



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Major Progress on the Mini-Minions!







Stasi Xen, Human Fighter has gotten Her Axe and a Base Coat!






Kildrick, Dwarf Cleric Finally has a bit of Shading done on him!





Dog II Dog Companion needs only a bit of Basework!



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More Progress!!












Kildrick the Dwarven Cleric is done and sealed! Just a bit of base work and I can call him done. Also, Check out the freehand on the book:)






Stasi Xen is getting closer to done. Need to think on a couple things before progressing though. Not sure I like how the axe is coming along.



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