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Speintz 3D Printed Custom Mech (2017 ReaperCon Entry; Mad Dash)

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Just realized I didn’t take a picture of the freehand camo details before I sprayed the last detail I’ll show at the end of the post. Rats.


Lets start with a quick pic of the base as it is now, and nearly complete.




The legs have been glued to the base, making sure I have enough room for the cockpit. I struggled with what I could do to fill the little gaps around the base of the trees.  I wanted it to look like some basic jungle vegetation, but was worried about just using green flock as it might be too big and out of scale. I thought about trying some green grafting sand, but then I worried it would look like little geeen rocks piled around the trees. In the end, I went with some finer flick that I thought I had, and I’m satisfied with it. Made a couple of little grassy puddles as well in low spots and places it might make sense. 


On to the cab. I painted some free handed tree tops on the top of the sensor array, and that was the state they were in when I went to glue everything together last night. That is NOT what I wanted, as I had planned to put little panels on top to make up the array. Contemplated several methods of doing that; brushing on some light metallic paint, printing out something on wax paper then transferring it over, or using spray paint. I decided spray paint was the best, but now the choice was aluminum or glitter? And how to mask it? Print out a mask, since I could get it the right size? That might leak too easily. Roll out some fine strands of poster tack? Might not come off and leave marks. Cut out thin strips of tape and make a crossing pattern? There were several other choices, but in the end, I cut it all out of a single wide piece of tape. 




I think the glitter spray pushed away the still wet aluminum undercoat, but since I put that on too thick, I wasn’t unhappy about that. But, it looked really lighter than what I hoped, but I didn’t want it to be too dark. It is supposed to be just a glimmer of the outlines with the active camo being the majority. Tape removal time!




That’s a lot darker in the photo than real life. So I was sorely disappointed at how light it was. I wanted it to be noticeable. But then...




...when held in the light the correct way, the panels shine! The exact effect I was hoping for! I won’t be sealing the top, mostly because I’ve already done that once and so no reason to do it a second. Plus it might take some of the gloss away. 


Time to let it dry, then a spot of glue, and I can actually count it as finished! I was a little premature in the ReaperCon Excitement thread it seems.


I did have suggestions from the family to add more things to it. White birds up in the trees, and maybe some debris on the shoreline. Have no idea how to make the birds and have them appear as birds without being told. And I don’t think I have anything in scale that would work as debris, so yeah, going to be a pretty pristine beach.

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